Let’s talk about Tim Burton’s Batman’s script SPOILERS

I hate they’d movies for a verity of reasons I will say that the jokers prosthetics were good. I hated how Batman tried to kill joker and how joker felt lust also what happend to that news paper guy. I feel so bad for him. What Batman who he has been trying to prove exist for years just reveals himself and he gets no cred. I feel like there should have been a better ending for him. Also I have not fished Batman forever but from what I have seen killer crock wound have been better than paginon. His origin fits perfectly yet they went with pagion. Instead of a bribe have him just physically threaten the guy and then he says somthing alog the liens of “I can’t believe I am working with an villin like u” he says “your no Sanit yourself” and he lost the stuff pagion said he did in the movie. Also catwoman makes no sense they should have just left her a theif instead of this werid supernatural but I know how mutch theyd movies are loved and who knows maybe Batman forever will get better as the movie gose on. What do you guys think?