Let’s Talk About Dawn of DC: Power Girl

I don’t have a particular strong opinion against this new take on Powergirl. Like it’s kind of different and I understand why people might not like her new name for example. It’s just something I come to accept in this new era in DC Comics where character changes are made often and I got to expect it. Even if I might not like. But also more importantly it’s because Powergirl is no stranger to Ch-ch-changes.

Remember when she was supposedly a Atlantean in post-crisis? How about Powergirl being lost in the void between worlds in Deathstroke? Getting a baby in the Zero Hour event? What about her partnership with Harley Quinn which actually doesn’t appear to be connected to the new 52 Powergirl from the Earth 2 books? Sometimes It just goes easier to accept these things because if I fixate on it I just might wanna scream.
It sucks sometimes being a Powergirl fan. :laughing:
So that’s why I don’t mind the changes. Besides, the whole paige thing, while silly concept, I do think it could work if it’s written in the future as more of a nickname or pet name, she’s just okay with friends calling her. Not sure I like Superman calling her that though. That one felt wrong. Lol


All things considered, these aren’t the worst changes. And I can simply not read the book instead of complaining after every single issue. Got plenty of books that are filled with good writing worth checking out


How about when she was immaculately impregnated by a demon and gave birth to a messiah child that mystically advanced to adulthood within days?

Calling her Paige, giving her a new power, and putting her in a slightly different costume is peanuts in comparison.

I really enjoy Leah Williams’ writing. I think she’s incredibly talented and the harshly negative reactions to her work on Power Girl are among the things that I just do not understand from the wider fanbase.


I’ve been reading Leah’s take on Power Girl since she first showed up in Action Comics and I’m digging it. LOVE her new costume, and digging her relationship with Omen. I like how Leah is adding in classic elements like Streaky and her tech firm, but adding in new twists, like the punching teleporting thing and the history of the symbiotic ship.


I LOVE Leah’s writing and I can’t wait to finally dive into this new series.


It may because Leah is not writing Power Girl the way she has been depicted for decades. Some people comment that she is writing a Supergirl story instead of a Power Girl story. In the past Power Girl was confident, intelligent, and an experienced team leader of the JSA. In the new series, Power Girl seems to be a completely different person. Leah Williams is not living up to how the fans are expecting Power Girl to behave. I liked how Paul Levitz wrote Power Girl.

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This is absolute nonsense. I’ve seen nothing out of Leah’s version of Power Girl that I couldn’t link with how she’s been characterized in the past. Power Girl is just as intelligent as she’s ever been under Leah. As for the confidence, yeah, PG backs herself. Yet, even if you go all the way back to how Levitz wrote her, underneath that confidence was a need to prove herself to get out from under Kal-L’s shadow and to not be underestimated for being a woman in 1970’s America. Yeah, PG has always been confident, but it’s always been driven by an underlying fear that she won’t live up to expectations or be taken seriously. With Leah, you see PG’s confidence like how she took on the space pirates, but Leah spends time examining what drives it. That’s why people think it’s different because it’s been more of an examination of Paige’s inner life than it’s been about her punching things. But, it’s not really about Williams characterizing her differently. She just took it in a different direction.


Paul Levitz also wrote Power Girl from 2012 to 2014 with the New 52 version. She was the CEO tycoon that spent millions or more researching a way to get back to her Earth. She would mine the Earth for rare elements and sell them to fund her business and research.
It’s hard to see this new Paige character sitting at a desk job at the Daily Planet under the watchful eye of Lois Lane. It gives me Supergirl CW TV vibes of Kara working at CATCO.
Outside of working with the JSA and other heroes, Power Girl’s private life should be hanging out with friends and team mates. I would not give her a regular type of job for her civilian identity.

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There’s been a big timeline hiccup since New 52, and this is, likely, not the same version of Power Girl depicted in that series. Regardless, since then, PG hasn’t exactly had the easiest time in the workforce (see One-Star Squadron). Working for an running charities on behalf of the Daily Planet is a big step up from where she was just prior.

Paige has Omen and Streaky. I’m also sure you’ll still see her interact with her teammates in the pages of JSA. Some would say giving her a day job and a civilian identity makes her more relatable. I could take or leave it.

However, a lot of these things are superficial like what job she’s doing and how glamourous her life is or isn’t. I maintain that I have found nothing about her personality to be off the mark from what i know of Power Girl in the past. I also think Williams has done a fantastic job making Paige a complex, believable person who you can relate to.

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All right, having now finished the Power Girl Returns trade paperback on Ultra here, I will go ahead and apologize to Leah Williams in particular about my earlier thoughts on her take on PG. With the added context of the backups from Action and the Lazarus issue, I enjoyed the Power Girl Special much more this time around.


More Omen!


I didn’t talk about Powergirl #1 when it appeared in DC Infinite because truth be told, while I did immensely enjoy it. I found there wasn’t much to talk about in that issue. It was way too short for me to dive into deeply. I could definitely give a summary of the issue itself.
Powergirl and Omen are at a party when it gets hijacked by some bad guys. Powergirl meets the leader, amalak, beats him up, and later meets Superman who tells her that she may or may not be spreading a kryptonian disease to people. It’s a rather short issue, so I wanted to wait until #2 came along and I could talk a little bit more about it.

  • Powergirl #2 is about her still grappling with the potential possibly of her possible connection to this Kryptonian disease, something that might be true, considering that in the first few pages of this issue, we just saw Amalak affected by the Kryptonian artifacts he stole at the party. Working under her new alias paige at the daily planet to attempt to uncover more about this apparent Kryptonian virus before she heads off to the second fortress of solitude in the Bermuda. While investigating the first case of the infection, she is surprised attack by a infected Alalak who before succumbing to the infection, warns Powergirl that somebody is coming after her.

The general appeal I have of the series so far could be described in 3 ways

  • The story is a breeze to read and it’s very easy to get engaged into it’s very simple premise and characters too.

  • The art by Eduardo Pansica and Júlio Ferreira is part of that accessibility appeal because aesthetically it’s a mostly nice looking book with some panels I love for being outright cute.

  • Leah Williams establishing the friendship between Omen and Powergirl is one of the highlights here. I like a lot about Omen here and I’m interested about her new life alongside Powergirl that appears to be the apparent focus of the series and I’m 100% on board for more of it.

If any problems I have with the series so far it definitely would be the pacing. Things just kind of happen in the plot and while I’m enjoy the character beats, I think it’s a problem with how much time they waste in them that could frustrating to read in each issue.

A lot has changed about Powergirl here and unfortunately it’s still finding it’s footing on establishing her unique place in the current DCU which is poetically ironic for Powergirl isn’t. This series definitely has a vibe I’m interested in and even with some obvious flaws, I’m also really liking some of the changes as well. Hopefully the series will become more consistent in the future and I could definitely talk more about it without having to wait a while for the series to get interesting again.


Power Girl has been a mixed bag for me.

On one hand, the art is gorgeous, there’s some interesting ideas and I like the characterization well enough.

But I think the problem is that I’m not sure I fully understand what Paige’s status quo is. Like, the first issue has her starting her own tech firm, but in the second issue she’s also a reporter for the Daily Planet? They also hint at this different sort of shuttle that brought Paige to Earth that played with her conception of reality, which we sort of see in nightmare form in Knight Terrors: Action Comics, but that was something that we hadn’t really seen before or since other than that mention.

I feel like Leah Williams was so set on pushing things forward that we never just got a good grasp of what Power Girl’s status quo really is.


I think there is some confusion regarding Power Girl’s status quo, but I’m not sure it’s Leah Williams’ fault. Two things:

To start, there is absolutely no mention of Power Girl starting her own tech firm in issue #1. It’s mentioned that she’s the tech columnist for the Daily Planet and that’s how she was able to organize the charity event. The event was a partnership between the Planet and Steelworks (John Henry Iron’s company). Paige organized the event to help establish her new secret identity. But, again, absolutely no mention or indication that she’s starting her own tech firm.

However, I do understand why you thought this because my brain did the same thing. Because Power Girl had her own tech firm in New 52, I passively assumed that the charity event was being done through that firm. However, as I mentioned before, this is likely not the New 52 PG and that firm doesn’t exist anymore. It was us making an assumption about PG’s status quo and not anything Williams wrote that created this confusion.


This is just not true. The Symbioship is not a new creation. It has it’s roots all the way back to Power Girl’s original origin story by Paul Levitz from Showcase # 97-98:

PG Symbioship 2

Again, I understand the confusion. DC retconned this origin for over a decade when they made her Atlantean for Post-Crisis continuity. Since many of us started reading then, we may not be aware of the original origin story. However, Geoff Johns did bring that origin back during Infinite Crisis and even used the Symbioship as the main villain in JSA: Classified #1-3. So, it’s inaccurate to say that we haven’t seen the Symbioship and its relationship to Power Girl before. It’s actually a cornerstone to her origin story and arguably one of the only “rogues” that PG can claim as her own.

I think reading through the Power Girl story that starts in Showcase #97 would give fans a new perspective on Williams’ take on Peej. It mentions that Earth-Two’s Zor-L was actually the Kryptonian equivalent of a psychiatrist which helps justify the superhero therapist take Williams did in the Action Comics back-ups.

Like I said, though, I get there is a confusion regarding Power Girl’s status quo. However, I’d put that more at the feet of DC’s many retcons of PG through the years and fan assumptions of what that status quo is as a result. It’s not anything that Williams really did or didn’t do. In fact, in issue #2, I think Williams did a great job of summarizing the Symbioship and of establishing Paige’s new identity as a Daily Planet columnist. I don’t actually believe the confusion is coming from her.


Man, I couldn’t remember that being mentioned in the first issue, so I had to go back and read every panel several times before I finally saw the one mention in the issue, where it’s in a faded background dialogue bubble, which can be easily missed/ignored. So while it is technically there, I do think it would have been better if it was stated more clearly.

This I can only blame myself for, that’s a good catch. What’s worse is that I’m fairly sure I’ve read those Levitz issues before and I know I’ve read the Johns story.


I might be slightly exaggerating this statement but the Powergirl series has some of best covers this year and I’m hoping we we more of them to highlight some amazing and awesome Powergirl art.


No worries! I’ve definitely had similar memory lapses before. There are a lot of characters and decades and decades of stop start continuity to keep track of. It happens.

I thought it should be mentioned though especially since I do see a lot of Power Girl from those early Levitz stories in Leah Williams’ take.


Not enough Omen.


enjoying the series is about all i can say…also predicted symbioship was the virus on my twitter account.


I got a little more Omen.