Let’s Talk About Anything DC

Farmed. Out.


Never heard of that guy, seems like a cool dude.

Also wonder if he’s based on Van Gogh‘s painting of a skeleton smoking a cigarette. (my profile pic)


And expendable still sounds right.

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I write this more or less in verbatim with @EDT. Our dear site will soon be gone. While I’m sure Discord will serve a fine substitute. I truly will miss this site dearly. It was my personal first foray into a community like this and the people here helped me a lot grow more passionate and dedicated to comics. This website was amazing make no mistake about that. Friendly interface, community and club events, and the amazing stuff of the insider lounge. There wasn’t a place I found quite like it and I’m gonna miss it greatly. I plan to do a ton of appreciating right now, but I just wanna bring up arguably the most important in this community @moderators. If it weren’t for you people, this place wouldn’t be this awesome and I’m personally grateful for some of you who had heard my nonsense over the years.

Let’s get started.

First I wanna say thank you to the unsung hero of this thread @anon23719806. You may not be here with us anymore but trust me when I say your thread was important to us all in the general discussion. It was personally my jumping off point into discussions and I think I wouldn’t meet the following people if it weren’t for you. Thank you for creating Let’s Talk About Anything DC. I’m sure there will be plenty made like this in the future, but not quite yours.

However if I bring up this thread I should probably bring up the oldest and the best person in this place, @basicallytimdrake. It would be crazy to not include you. You made discussions fun, you made communities fun. You got me liking Bernard for a time. BERNARD!! Thank you for being amazing quirky for us all. :laughing:

@bookwormfitzpatrick.91230 for all your discussions we had here. Thanking you for getting me to love a bit of fan comics as well introducing us to your amazing drawings. I seriously hope you know your work was amazing and I hope you continue to work on it in the future.

@Jurisdiction we are still chatting and I know I already said what I needed to say on the Obscurity forum. So let me just say here. You always liked my posts. And you don’t know how important it was for me at the time when starting off. Thank you again for making me feel appreciated in the community.

@MatthewHecht thank you for being Batman and Stargirl. That was the best. :laughing:

@EDT. I think my third favorite thing here was your passionate posts about comic characters. Thank you for the Jessica Cruz, Batwoman, Batgirls and Huntress topics. All I will say to you is keep that passion growing and use it for other places. When you can, no rush. :wink:

@Storyteller91 if you see this. Just know that those hours on the Batman thread meant a lot to me and I hope you don’t stop with your love for Batman and his Bat-family because of this news. If you wanna know why your Batman thread was awesome, it’s because you were always discussing with us about our views while sharing your own. I appreciate that whenever I spoke nonsense and especially for my rants about Jace Fox Batman. Thank you for that. :sweat_smile:
Batwing is my favorite superhero but you might be one of my favorite people to talk about Batwing with. So thank you for sharing all your passion about Batman comics and for letting me share my appreciation for the new Bat kids with you.

@mercurie80 we don’t chat often, but I see you often and I just wanna say it was awesome to have you on listen-longs for our 40 heroes Hop Harrigan and Judy Foster. Even you Judy. :rofl:

There so many of other to thank and appreciate but really everyone in this community is amazing. Thank you all for being and wonderful. Let’s keep talking about anything DC here and elsewhere!


Thank you! I will really miss the LALs. Well, I will miss the clubs in general. I hope we might have some form of them on Discord.


Well thank you very much :slight_smile:

I’m glad you’re a part of our community and hope to see you on Discord!


:purple_heart: :people_hugging: thanks dude, & I’m glad I got you into Bernard lol.


See you on discord as well who knows maybe we’ll find other people who like the batfamily as much as we do.


I already started a discord to talk about batman and you’ll know its me same name and I’m still an alien.
and maybe dads right my I should make a youtube as well who knows maybe there are people who would enjoy some comic info they don’t know yet although I think I’ll keep my avatar there to.


I also just want to say Thank you @Samsonkillingtime @Jurisdiction @MatthewHecht
for being my friends.

Don’t worry Dc could end tomorrow and it wouldn’t stop me.
And thank you mods for being so nice to me I hope you are on the new site as well.


Thank you @Samsonkillingtime, @storyteller91, and everyone else in this thread! I’m looking forward to what the future has in store - we appreciate all of you for contributing to the community and making this such as great place on the internet. :orange_heart: