Let’s hope Batwomen is not a cringe fest.

I have high hopes for this show


What makes you think it might be bad?

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The other CW shows have a reputation of having a lot of cringy moments


Yes, “Batwoman” too :wink:


My bad lol

CW knows their audience. It will be in my opinion but usually with CW, season 1 and season 2 are the best. Then it becomes CW if that makes sense. I don’t think this will ever change since most of their DC shows do get proper closure instead of getting cancelled.

Hopefully it’s more like a DC Universe shows. But that’s probably not going to happen

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It going to be interesting cuz I know who the villain for the first season is but idk about pass that I’m not to informed with her villains I tried looking it up and it’s just full of batman villains that I’m sure will be off limits

I just hope it does not go the Supergirl route and have her always being better than Batman at every thing.



At some point in the series, The Batman will appear just so he can get his ass handed to him by Batwoman.

I hope that doesn’t happen

I have high hopes for this series too, Batwoman has a special place in my heart. I’ll probably wait before I start it, let the hype die down a bit

I felt like her moments in the crossover were some of the best tonally of the entire Arrowverse, so I am hopeful. But not one CW show has succeeded in not making me cringe at some point.


Batman is off limits to the show that’s already been confirmed until they changed there minds…

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Bat woman to me looks like a darker Supergirl so I will probably pass

I still have hope

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The way I see it Ruby may not be the Batwoman allot of us want, But only time will tell if she is the Batwoman we Need… Lol :wink:

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