Let’s Check In On Each Other & Recommend A Book

Hey @Kon-El and @TurokSonOfStone1950 I hope you are all doing well!

I will suggest Powergirl from Palmiotti and Connor.


@cici thank you for tagging me!! I am very happy at the moment, I’m almost finished with my first page for the monthly chalenge, and I can’t wait for the art club to see it. Also just wanted to say your art style is amazing and so unique!! I get so excited for your pieces when you post progress pictures on your insta story :blush:
I’ve never read dial h for hero, so I’ll definitely check it out when I get the chance!!!
I would recommend joker by azzarello and bermejo if you haven’t already read it!! It’s so beautiful as a story, and a work of art!!
I want to know how @stefanie.m and @Broken-Knight are doing!?!


:pleading_face::pray: Thank you so much! I can’t wait to see your entry!


@dogwelder9, I hope you’re ok I know you were taking a step back from the community. If you were just stopping by real quick to wish msgtv well please don’t feel that you have to reply to this. If by chance you see this, I just hope you’re doing ok.


Thanks! I’m definitely glad to here you’ve a lot of commissions coming in, that’s awesome! I’ve been meaning to check out “Dial H for hero” I’ll definitely do that!



I am doing well though I still can’t walk since February 2019. Using a walker to get around.


I have taken responsibility temporarily for @msgtv DC History Club

DC History Club: Superman The Movie (May 2020) Polls & Discussion

Please visit if you can. It is very quiet there and we have a ton of stuff on the Superman Movie 1978. Join if not a member

I hope @msgtv will be able to come back.soon when his wife is okay.

Next week I might have to start thinking about Topics for Next Month for the Club.

I am thinking about heroes with the same hero name but different alter egos and origins


The various Blue Beetles

But I guess it also includes the Question.and many other such heroee.

We have to.pick only one for the month.

Thoughts anyone?

I may do a formal poll
For DC History Club members only
Next week.

Trying to think of topics not covered by other clubs


I hope you, your family, your son, and his roommates are doing ok. I hope he and his roommates recover quickly! You are all in my thoughts!


Heyo @loganmichaelphilips!
Thanks for checking in, I’m doing good. Working on my monthly art challenge and request from seitan in my off time while I watch Gotham. I’ll have to check out that Joker story you recommended sometime.

I recommend Batman: The Black Mirror. It’s Dick Grayson as Batman and I know that’s not everyone’s thing, but I quite enjoyed the story.

Um… lemme tag @RainStormRiddles if they don’t mind. How ya doing?


Thanks for tagging me @loganmichaelphilips! This is such an AMAZING, WONDERFUL community and I’m glad to be part of it. Yall rock!

I’m taking things day by day especially since work has been kicking my butt.

I wanted to thank @CynicalPink for starting/organizing the dcufanart club. You are rocking the monthly challenges, weekly challenges, and tutorials, it is much appreciated since I find them to be very therapeutic after a long day! So thanks.


  1. Super Sons (so flippin cute)
  2. Demon Knights ( for Etrigan obvi)
  3. TimberWolf ( if only for this dude)

I’m tagging @jdebottis.93473 and @Viciousdark. How yall doing?


Doing good @stefanie.m. Getting lunch atm , then gonna start some art pieces that a few ppl suggested. Got some cool ideas. How are you doing stefanie. M ? Also @Franthejellyman how are you doin. Also for a good read the maxx by image , not dc , pencil ink and cover by Sam Keith. Good off beat story.


Thanks for the tag. My stress level today would rate as high because of a horrible toothache and no current dental insurance. ARGH.

Okay, today’s recommendation is the El Diablo series from the '90s. Short lived series that’s a great read.

I don’t know who all has been tagged, but “Yo” to @SuperBlueGrodd, @6044, @Princess_Rosalean, @FerroLad, @RainStormRiddles, etc, etc


Thanks for the tag Ralph! ( sorry about your tooth ache, I know how those are!). I’ve been doing good. I’ll hold up both suggestions from earlier; Batman: the long Halloween, and 52.


Howdy Ralph. Thanks for the tag!


Okay, four people have tagged me at this point so I guess I aught to acknowledge this. I’ve never been one for mandatory compliments and concern and so forth; it’s less genuine. I won’t tag anyone, but I’ll respond for sake of being a part of the community.

All is well from where I stand. As for a book recommendation, I suggest this:

It’s cute and a fun laugh.


The Huntress!!! I am somewhat bias but I am all for diving deep into Huntress lore.


I’m doing well thanks. Staying busy trying to teach things to the kids, and find time for drawing. They Scooby Doo team up has been popular with the boys. Hope you’re doing well.

Agree on the thanks to @CynicalPink who along with constantly hammering out impressive work has really done a great job of making the art community here a fun and supportive environment.

And I’m looking forward to getting to work on the monthly challenge. I’ve got a silly idea…


Hi, I’m doing good.
I recommend Scooby doo where are you.
Sorry I’m replying late.
10:41am Thursday May 14 2020
@Nightroia, @Princess_Rosalean and @PrincessRoselyn.
I didn’t know who to @.


Thank you @chongoboy1014! I’m getting better every day. I appreciate the well wishes!

@jackknight_73, we have the new Shazam book and I’ve attempted to tackle it multiple times. Excellent art but I just haven’t been able to fully immerse myself in it yet. I believe it follows the movie so I’m familiar with that story. Let me know what you think of it if you read!


Cant wait to see it!! Your pieces are great looking at you Constatine vacumming ftw.


Thanks @JackNapier2138 and @capo-mage for the tag! And you’re most welcome @stefanie.m and @jdebottis.93473 — the art club wouldn’t work if not for its enthusiastic members, so sending loads of gratitude right back at ya!

My recommended book for everyone is Batgirl (2000) #28, because it’s a fun little read and the Steph/Cass friendship makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Umm, and if they’re in the mood to do this, I’ll tag @BatJamags and @iJest and @TornadoSoup. If you’re not in the mood, hope you’re having a healthy and satisfying week anyhoo. :chief_dp::+1: