Let’s Check In On Each Other & Recommend A Book

So here are the rules:
You check in on people, just making sure everyone in the community is good and the stress levels are as low as possible.
Here is the curve ball: Everyone we check on should give a suggestion of a book to read. What inspired this idea was a post by a buddy of mine, let’s say like a Match to Superboy. So, since I’m starting this friendly game of tag of concern-and-humanity, I’ll tag some people. @Kon-El @DocAtlas @CynicalPink and @HubCityQuestion @capo-mage @Behemoth

Respect the S


Hands down Madame Xanadu…please do yourself a favor. Also The Omega Men. Doing ok. Just caught pics of a UFO check my do u believe page there posted.



Hope you’re doing well.

In keeping with the rules…
I’m presently rereading The Outsiders. It’s one of the most overlooked and better titles from the 80’s. I recommend people check that out for the first (or second) time.


One of my all time favorites.


Didn’t read clearly. There is nudity in Madame Xanadu, both Xanadu & her sister Morgaine le Fey & a random concubine as she’s traveling thru the years in the story told.


That’s my absolute favorite book from childhood. :sob:

And Siggy, this is such a sweet idea for a post. Ty for the tag. Today was a bummer but hanging around here was a lovely distraction, as usual.

I’ll tag… @RainStormRiddles @DeSade-acolyte and @ralphsix

It’s the wrong season for it, but since I was able to find it online, my recommended read is another childhood fav:


I’m sorry. I really wanna cheat bc I don’t get to see them chat much outside of certain threads: Also tagging @MACJR.1962 and @SuperBlueGrodd, if you wanna join in!


I’ll check up on @SuperBlueGrodd, hey bud…what’s cooking’. What’s your request?


Hi @CynicalPink glad this cheered u up :grin:


thanks cynicalpink and capo-mage!
@TheBatmanofNML @FerroLad
For my suggestion, cynicalpinks choice made me think think of batman: The long Halloween! Tim sale was going to be at the local con in September, and I was planning on getting a book signed, but that probably won’t happen now. oh well! life goes on!


Sorry to overdo I didn’t see @SuperBlueGrodd was requested already so I’ll add @TravisMorgan sorry for continuing to bug u.


My #1 Batman storyline


Man that is a bummer…I love Sale. Him & Loebs Challengers run is one of my tops.


Keeping my fingers crossed that there’s still hope!


Thanks for the tag @CynicalPink. As I tell my shrink when he asks “How ya doing?”…”I’m doin”. My big excitement is getting an oil and filter change for my car on Monday morning. All this sitting around and not driving, getting fresh oil (8qt of Mobil 1) and a clean filter will make me feel better. Important to keep things well lubricated, Oh, and greasing of my suspension bushings. Gotta love zerk fittings. Especially with having swapped for urethane bushings. Car handles So much better but got do maintenance on those suckers.
(Yeah…ok…I’m a car freak & I’ll shut up now.)

I’m tagging @AntLeon & @msgtv

Hope both you and your families & friends are doing well. I know this is a difficult time for basically everybody. Stay strong, Stay safe. Best wishes.

I’m gonna recommend —
Batman 232 (first Ra’s Al Ghul appearance)
Batman 291-294 “Where were you the night Batman was killed” (If you like the BTAS episode “Almost got ‘em“, this is worth a read. It is the basis for that episode.)


You beat me to TravisMorgan. Curses!! Foiled again!!


Man…you’re a really sweet person, @CynicalPink. Thank you for the tag.

The last couple of days have been FABULOUS. My wife has been doing really well this week and we’ve gotten to do a lot together, so I’m feeling really blessed.

I’m gonna recommend something just coming to the app, in case you didn’t have the chance before now: the first issue of DCeased came out here this week, and that series is a really fun read.

So, we’re checking stress levels? How are @biff_pow and @Vroom doing?


I would recommend Planetary. Excellent read. @capo-mage you’re not bugging me and I’m doing fine.

I tap our little friend @6044 and @TheQuestion101 who seems to mirror my thoughts on Pop Culture Word Association.


@DeSade-acolyte I’ll still take a recommendation from you.


Thanks @TravisMorgan. I’m doing good.
I would recommend homecoming by Cynthia Voigt.
@yoyofroyo @msgtv @BatJamags @TornadoSoup
12:00am 5/7/2020


Thank you @CynicalPink, for thinking about me.

This puts pressure on me though, in this case, but I will go for it anyway.

The Justice League of America: The Nail, and Justice League of America: Another Nail were good reads.

In all honesty, I have not been reading comics lately, and focused instead on science fiction books, by authors like Jack McDevitt and Robert A. Heinlein (two at once right now - switching back and forth between them).

As for inviting others, many good names have already been added here, but there are still pleanty more good names that can be added. If, by the time I post this, there are repeats, I will add a couple more just to be safe.

@NYJt3, @TheBatmanofNML, @YoYoFroYo, and @Pollster, oh, and can’t leave out @Robert-Snake-DeBeero.

There are more, but I leave it up to others to add them now. :wink: