Let’s all hope that Titans is not part of the Arrowverse

Let’s hope. Arrowverse is good, but PLEASE SEPARATE IT FROM TITANS!!!


Agreed, but because I don’t want the good of Titans being sullied by the pre-teen melodrama of the Arrowverse.


@jaykay RIGHT!!!

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I would personally love if it was, but it’s probably not since the Arrowverse Batman has been gone for years the Titans one still seems active.

I can enjoy both tones and versions of the DCU but agree they should be separate. The Arrowverse will end someday hopefully the Titansverse can last a very long time

Arrowverse is great, but the tone of it is so different. That’s why I want Titans to stay alone

Agreed! I want to keep Titans separate from the Arrowverse.

The only thing that should be shared is not a thing, but a person- Manu Bennett. His Deathstroke was one of the best versions in Season 2 (before the show got cancelled for me) and he needs to return to being that badhorse.


i think it will just because i find titans so violent and arrowverse just isnt i mean arrow season 1 was but than its like he went soft or something i get that superheros arent ment to kill but whats wrong with them been violent

Oh I agree…the Arrowverse jumped the shark for me with…well…many reasons. Leave Titans and Doom Patrol in their own universe.

They’ve both had their own versions of Kovar.


I personally don’t think it will happen, so no worries.