Let It Waffle: Teen Titans Season 6 Was A Lie

The protesters scream for Season 6
Only for Japan it’s been seen
The series of isolation
When it comes to ranting, I’m the queen
The fans come howling like the swirling storm inside
Couldn’t keep it in, god knows they’ve tried

“Don’t turn it on, don’t let them see” say the older siblings who grew up on DC
And I wish nobody knew…
Why is this happening…

Let it waffle, let it waffle
Can’t hold TTG back anymore
Let it waffle, let it waffle
Meet the haters on the 5th floor
I don’t care, on what the haters say
Let the show go on…
TTG never bothered me anyway.


What the hell was that shit? No idea what you were on about

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It’s meant to parody Let It Go which is painstakingly obvious