Less known DC stories

What are some less known DC stories you’ve ran across or been surprised to learn DC printed? I’ll kick things off with Showcase #43 which printed the first comic appearance of James Bond in Doctor No. What are yours?


Lesser known DC stories? How about, “Like a Ghost from the Ashes” from Phantom Stranger #17 by Len Wein and Jim Aparo Jan/Feb 1971. Wonderful characterizations and stunning artwork make this one of the finest offerings in the entire DC canon. It’s an occult mystery, with a blend of action and romance, that almost fifty years later still crushes current fare.

I own that James Bond issue. I bought it as a kid. It is a good adaptation of the film, Dr. No.

My contribution is the wild comic book series, Thriller, staring Angie Thriller and her Seven Seconds. Sold only in the direct market, it lasted 12 issues. It contained combination pulp/science fiction type of stories. The author described. Angie as a combination of Jesus Christ and his mom. See Wikipedia for further details. There is a link to the fan club, which describes some of the issues as well as some artwork. I wish now that I kept this series. It was way beyond its time.

Actual pages from the series Thriller and how it to be, are rather fully described in the references. Next best thing to owning the actual comic book series.

Is Scooby Apocalypse too recent to say? It seems like very few bother to read it, but incessantly quote what a friend of a friend of a friend told them, and as a result the entire thing just seems a lot more mysterious and elusive than it probably needs to.

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