Lego the Batman Sets Revealed!

I’m imagining a “Vault Attack” set from BF with figures of:

  • Batman
  • The bank guard (the first Joe Grifasi toy! :hugs:)
  • Two-Face thugs x2

In a perfect world, it’d also have Chase, so she could stand by the vault and watch Batman as he soars away, while under Two-Face’s chopper (and because nobody has ever made any merchandise for Chase).

Oh! How about “Two-Face’s Helicopter”? It can feature:

  • Batman
  • Two-Face
  • A TF goon

It could also have a The Club steering wheel guard and a yin-yang parachute for 'Face! :heart_eyes:

Okay, I need to stop. I’m getting too hyper for Lego we likely won’t ever see. :sweat_smile:


What’s kind of weird with these is that I’m always excited to see Lego sets for upcoming movies, but I also want to avoid them because I really do not like spoilers. :stuck_out_tongue: Even though most of the time they don’t really seem to spoil anything major. “Oh no, I guess the Avengers end up fighting Thanos, that twist is ruined!” “Darn, I was wondering if Batman and Penguin would team in this one, I guess not.”


That’s the most committed Lego set I’ve ever seen.

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