Lego Dimension

Has anyone ever play this game? I really enjoy where you can have different characters in different world, you can have Joker in Wizard of Oz, or Batman in Back to the Future! With 2 season I think there’s 36 different worlds, I have every characters except for Green Arrow and Supergirl. If you play this game what’s your favorite things about? :grinning:

I bought the PS4 exclusive starter set and the game is alright. I received a Superman set as a gift, but I am not sure if I want to spend a lot of money for more characters. It would be nice if the toy pad was larger or had a storage container to fit all the characters, vehicles, and the robot (voiced by Community main role [which I do not remember either name]). I was also a bit aggravated having to shuffle all characters around sometimes so Wyldstyle or some other character can go along all three portions of the toy pad.
What was awesome was all the different franchises joining forces and being able to have a lego figure that can also be used for Lego sets. Plus, it was a pretty entertaining game.

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It was fun and I liked the combination of the various franchises. The only downside was that the sets were pretty expensive compared to other “Toys to Life” games and some of the early sets were retired without notice when the game was still active.