LEGO DC Comics

I’ve gotta say, I’m loving the recent stint of LEGO DC sets. The addition of obscure characters, the utilization of dynamic vehicles and equipment from the DC Universe, it’s all been stellar. I’m biased, as LEGO is, in my opinion, the best toy of all time, but I for one have been really loving the recent releases. Are there any DC characters, vehicles, or other you want made into LEGO though? I’m waiting for more Green Lantern characters like Guy Gardner, White Lantern Kyle Rayner, and Atrocitus to be made, for example.


If Lego ever decides to hit the Fan Channel market and do Wildstorm sets, I would buy everything they make for The Authority.

As for DC Legos that actually exist, sure I like them. It was disappointing to see them pass on the Shazam! movie as that featured ample opportunities for sets, most notably the final battle at the carnival.

Their Batman 80th anniversary collection looks pretty cool. I’ve only bought the Aquaman set from that group, and that’s likely all I’ll buy from it.


Wake me when there’s a Question LEGO set.


Just turn a head around and put a hat on a suit and stick him in one of the modular buildings. easy. :flash_hv_2::flash_hv_2::flash_hv_5::flash_hv_5:


@HubCityQuestion I have a Lego Question, It was custom made by a bootleg company but still.

I also love the Lego lines. I quickly discovered I could get 3 figs and a car for $20 or one action fig when they started making comic stuff. I am excited for more non-A-list Batman characters. A Batgirl other than Barbara, Azrael, Black Mask, Zsasz, Red Robin, a more modern Alfred that looks like Alfred, etc.


New set pic below! And a CMF series that includes Bat-mite, Huntress, Metamorpho, Simon Baz, and Star Girl among others!


LEGO Metamorpho, Simon Baz and Stargirl?! YES!


The Lego DC Villains game had Justice League Dark DLC characters. I would like to see these minfigs/bigfigs brought to life, preferably in a House of Mystery set with some changes like a top hat with hair for Zatanna or a scruffy face for Constantine.


@Beagle I agree, as any excuse for more merch featuring the JLD is a good one.

Alright, sounds good!

I got that book too

I was actually disappointed by the 80th sets. I expected them to make moments in Batman’s past, like Knightfall, Zurr-en-arrh, Red son, noel, #27, Beyond, Lantern, Red Rain, Owlman, Mite, Dick, 89, Dark Knights, Kingdom Come, E-2, Comp, 66, DKR, Bob Kane Sketches, Flashpoint, Gotham By Gaslight, Ninja, BTAS, Arkham, Composite, Rises, Just imagine, Dark Claw, Pre-historic, Chief, Capt Leatherwing, James Gordon, Mordecai, Dark Knight of the Round table, 1M, Hellbat, Speeding Bullets, Mobius, Elseworlds’ Finest, etc.


What are the lego lines?

@HubCityQuestion, I think that Lego should do a Multiversity thing, where they crank out variants and characters that are obscure and unused. I am kindof getting tired of 20 different Batmans and Jokers.

I personally wish that all the Lego CGI characters were made real.

It’s like the different brands. For example, the DC line, the Creator line, the Marvel line, the Star Wars line, etc. That may not make sense if you don’t know much about LEGO but just think of it as the theme of the sets.

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No, it makes sense. I never refer to them as lines, usually I call em themes. But there aren’t official Zsasz or black mask legos.

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I know but I wish there was.

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If Lego did a Dark Claw set, I’d buy that in a heartbeat.

Amalgam Legos would be pretty badass, I bet.

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H!@# Yeah, brother!! I would personally love like an Elseworlds or Multiversity or COIE series from Lego.

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