Legion of Superheroes

I just watched the finale of Young Justice and saw the Legion of superheroes ring. I had to look it up to see what it was and I was just wondering who they are.


The Legion of Super-Heroes is a group of heroes from 1,000 years in the future who were inspired by Superboy (or Superman in some cases, depending on the iteration) to pool their efforts into a unified force for good under the banner of the United Planets.

If you’d like to see the Legion in animation, their entire TV series is available on DCU. It only ran for two seasons, but it’s very entertaining.

Besides their own TV series, the Legion has been featured in:

Available on DCU:
-Superman: The Animated Series season 3, episode 3 “New Kids in Town”
-Justice League Unlimited season 2, episode 10 “Far From Home”
-Justice League vs. The Fatal Five (thanks for the reminder @TornadoSoup :+1:)

Not available on DCU:
-Smallville: Season 8, Episode 11 “Legion” (written by Geoff Johns to boot!)


Is the current legion any good


I enjoyed what I read of it. While not new to the Legion myself, his book feels like something people new to the franchise could get into and easily enjoy.

I recommend Legion: Secret Origin (2011), for a comic-based Legion starting point, due to it being written by Paul Levitz (a noted Legion scribe) and an origin tale as well.

1981’s Secrets of the Legion of Super-Heroes, a 3 issue mini, also provides good background info on the team.

@Don-El runs the LOSH Book Club, which is absolutely worth looking into, should you desire more of the 31st century’s greatest heroes and their adventures.


In addition to what Vroom said, the Legion played a major role in the animated movie Justice League vs the Fatal Five, which you can watch here.

As for whether or not the current Legion is any good… well, it’s a matter of opinion. If you like Brian Micheal Bendis’ Superman, then you’ll probably like the new stuff (Bendis is the writer on Legion, too). But if the latest Superman stuff isn’t your thing, then you should probably stay away from his Legion.

There’s plenty of other fantastic Legion runs, though. Mark Waid’s is a good starting point, because it was a reboot (called the threeboot by fans because it had happened before).


Unfortunately the current Legion comic is by Bendis. It’s loaded with inane dialogue, head-scratching and slow moving plots and veiled politics. I’m dropping the book. But there are tons of great Legion books from past decades on this app. Seek them out and enjoy the works of Shooter, Swan, Levitz, Grell, Bates, Cockrum, Abnett, Lanning and Keith Giffen. And let’s not forget Otto binder and Al Plastino who started it all way back in Adventure Comics #247 in 1958!!


For me. This is a case where the older versions were the best. That being said, I love all things LOSH at all times. There’s some major crossovers involved within them too. Such a great read for a series.

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Current Bendis Legion wasn’t off to a great start in my opinion but I think that it has gotten a bit better with time.

I would suggest just about any other legion run though to spark the interest.

If you just want to get a feeling of it, the easiest way is to just watch the animated series.

If you on the other hand really really want to become a completionist legion buff, chronological from first appearance is the way to go in my opinion. The old stuff is good.