Legion of Superheroes Reboot leading to Movie?

So i’ve never been able to wrap my head around the LoSH but was thinking about this Bendis/Sook run as an opening. I’ve always felt like i should like them because they are one of the uniquely compelling and different parts of the DC universe, but it never caught. Anyway this Hollywood Reporter article makes a compelling case for the new series as a seed for a possible movie…what do y’all think?

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Live action LoSH, sign me up. Waited a long time. It is it’s own universe unto itself. So many story possibilities because of the breadth and depth of characters.

I’ve always been surprised CW has never taken a crack at it. Superheroes and teen angst, gossip and who’s involved with who. So up their street. But, film or tv, it’s a DC property waiting to be explored. Hopefully it’s time has come.


It’s honestly the best cw show in my opinion. It doesn’t care for the norm and does whatever it wants. Can’t wait for the season premiere.

The current comic is my first exposure to LOSH. Agree that it would make a good CW show based on what I’ve read so far. Perhaps too expensive though.

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