Legion of superheroes reading recommendations

Anyone have any Legion of superheroes reading recommendations?


The Abnett/Lanning run, especially Legion Lost (not to be confused with the terrible New 52 book with the same name)

Honestly I’d say the Legion was pretty consistently good from the 80’s into the mid 00’s. The Waid run started out great but turned to poo poo when he left.

Johns then came along and saved the day with Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes and Legion of Three Worlds but unfortunately he didn’t stick around. The Levitz series after that was okay but too many new members were introduced. Then the New 52 came along and the less said about that, the better.

You have to check out the Jim Sjooter run in the mid-sixties , the guy was this wildly talented 13 year old who can write and draw

Jim Shooter

Personally a huge fan of post zero hour legion.

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Just start at the beginning in Adventure Comics. Nothing on here are complete runs anyway so you’ll be able to get through them pretty quickly. There’s a certain hopeful innocence in the beginning and an amazing universe of heroes (The Wanderers, The Heroes of Lallor, all the Legion recruits and rejects, etc) and villains. Later runs will have more depth when you’ve actually read the back stories of one of my favorite teams of all time. Dive in and enjoy.

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