Legion of Superheroes #1

I am a lifetime fan of the Legion of Superheroes. I love them.

I am happy to see them again. Brian Michael Bendis taking the reigns should be fun.

This first issue is quite a ride. I happen to be very lucky in that I have history with the Legion. I know who they are and I easily recognized their iterations in this new version. If I were a newer reader it might be a wee overwhelming. I am hoping we get a chance to slow down and get to know everyone.

That being said the art by Ryan Sook is super delicious. The designs are great and I am hungry to see and read more


I’m a fan of the series and I had no history prior. You are right about being overwhelmed. I still am in a way (I have a good feeling for whose who, but still can’t name ‘em all)… but it’s not at all getting in the way of my enjoyment of it. What I find most rewarding are the bits that connect it to Bendis’ work on Superman. It’s like reading one big interconnected saga. Good stuff.


I really enjoy it too. I recognize a few of them from the LoSH tv show. But a few are new or complete strangers to me. So it’s exciting to delve into that. There are a few issues I have with it. We’re sometimes to pages can be a bit too, for want of a better word, wordy. I love readying. I like how I can quickly read an issue and then move on. But with the new LoSH it can take a bit more reading than the average comic. But that’s not really a bad thing. It just takes it off my list of comics to read while I’m on my 15 minute break.


The Legion has always been my favorite, I am so excited about the series and hope it stays around a. It.


As someone who has it on their pull list and is up to date, I’m somewhat lukewarm on it. You would definitely need to have a prior knowledge, but since I do, that not my issue. My issue is that there are so many of the characters on the same page, constantly, the dialogue is very hard to follow. The speech bubbles stretch across double spreads sometimes, and it’s hard to follow back with all the great art work. I wish he’d have established a few characters at a time, crafted an arc around those few, and did the same for the next story. They are Legion after all. I think it would be better served formatted like a JLU episode​:four_leaf_clover:


I agree with you on the crowd scenes. I feel as if they were a tool used to show us that this new Legion is massive. I am hopeful that Bendis will move focus to a few characters at a time soon.


I hear there is a Legion Fan Club somewhere in these woods that congregates once a month. I think next week is the next posting, and it may well include the first issue being discussed here, along with some oldies but goodies from Legion’s decades-rich past.

At least that’s the word on the virtual street…