Legion of super heroes

When is the Legion going to be back as a series?
When ais dc going to do the Great Darkness saga as a animated movie ?

I want the Legion back so badly I can taste it. But with this current “dark” direction DC has been taking recently, maybe it’s best if they stay in comic book limbo. UGH! A 31st-century emo super-hero team? NO thank you, DC.

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The Legion has always been one of my favorite teams my whole life and would love to have them back as one of DCs premier titles.but the last series was so dark and depressing and sadly prescient of today’s political climates. The 31st century needs to be the bright future we want to visit. Long Live the Legion!

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Considering what’s been happening in Doomsday Clock, their comeback is almost imminent.

This year I have been going on a legion journey and have been enjoying just about anything I can get my hands on!. Started with great darkness and read through the Baxter series and on into 5YL. I am now just starting the reboot era after zero hour. I have to agree with the other comments that I would want my 31st century bright and vibrant.