Legion of Super-Heroes Season 2

Just a shout to thank DCTV for airing this season. I never watched the show when it aired and this season has never been released on DVD as far as I know. I have been collecting all the DC animated comics over the years and got into LoSH. I was sad that to learn season 2 was released and unavailable. So thank you DC for putting up this show again.


Fyi there is a monthly Legion Watchalong the first Wednesday of each month at 9 pm ET, on the area.



This is one of the few times where Warner Archives never released the second season of a DC animated show on DVD. Been killing me for years to be unable to watch Superman X in action. Heck, I’d have subscribed to DCU just for that!

Of course, I got a million times more out of my sub. :grin:


Legion of Super-Heroes is one of the best TV shows on this platform and yes, that’s counting the original shows too.

It’s bright, fun, adheres to the source material within reason, features comic talent on the writing side, a catchy opening theme for each season and it looks great in HD.

It’s also the only animated show so far to feature Imperiex. He was played by Phil Morris, aka Vic’s dad on Doom Patrol (amongst a legion of other DC credits).

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I was another surprised to see that there was a season 2 of this show. I liked how they had aged the core characters. i particularly liked Brainiac’s arc.

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I really enjoyed this series when it first aired but didn’t care much for the ending. I thought the version of Supergirl was the best they had animated and was sorry to see her run off to the future to be with Brainiac.