Legion of Super Heroes is the best!!!

Just wanted to say that LSH is why I started collecting comics and they are the best team ever. I started with LSH Annual #1 which introduced the new Invisible Kid and it hooked me immediately. Of course the very next issues of the regular comic were the The Great Darkness Saga (IMHO the greatest storyline ever in the history of comics) so I was spoiled by the incredibleness right from the beginning. I wish the Legion would get better treatment because they always end up being the afterthought to all of DC’s reboots. The team is full of diversity (and has been for a long time), and I don’t think I’ve ever seen any other series deal as well with a large roster of characters, giving them all their own unique stories and opportunities to shine. The Legion rules! Long Live the Legion!


The cartoon on here is actually pretty good. I’d never seen it before.