Legion of Super-Heroes Club: Weekly Reader for May 8th 2019

For this week’s weekly reading fun, we are going super light, due to the Legion Club Watch a Long May 8th.

We’ll be reading THE LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES IN THE 31ST CENTURY (2007-) #1 only, all alone, this week, and it’s based on the animated series we’ll be watching together this week!


Let us all know your thoughts please!.

3 questions to use as a guide to your reflection on this story:

  1. Does Brainiac remind you of anyone you know?
  2. How about Bouncing Boy?
  3. How do you feel about Superboy joining these folks?

If you want to talk about the Legion Club and discuss what you want this Club to be, you can sure do it here or also many members are on this Discord channel: https://discord.gg/SUs87JP

Next week we use the Time Bubble to go back again several decades for my third and final selection for now before I turn the Chairperson role over to one of you for another three weeks!!! The Substitute Legion of Super-heroes will be joining us in the Bubble, so go easy on your personal baggage, LOL !!!

Wednesday May 8th at 9 pm EDT / 8 pm CDT / 6 pm PDT there will be a special weekday evening WatchaLong of a Legion show or two!!!


Superboy? My dear fellow, that is clearly Superman*.

*Due to the legal such and such going on with Superboy when LOSH was in production, he had Superboy’s look but had to be referred to as Superman on the show.

Anyhow! Looking forward to re-reading this book. Good choice!

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I was wondering why they wouldn’t call him Superboy.

So weird.

And man… I really need to catch up. I’m still reading the books from last club. Too busy trying to finish Alan Moore’s Swamp Thing. Plus I feel like I need to read Legion of Three worlds, and Superman and the Legion of Superheroes story arc from Action comics first :frowning:

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Trustymutsi, I would love to see your versions of the animated Legion of Superheroes frankly. You’re a top-notch artist in that particular genre in my opinion.

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Is it just me or did this comic seem really close to that first episode we watched on a watch along Wednesday?


Any other thoughts on this week’s light reading? We’ll keep this open through Tuesday night.

Love it / hate it… let us know!!!

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  1. Does Brainiac remind you of anyone you know?

  2. How about Bouncing Boy?
    I remember people like Bouncing Boy and Brainiac when I was younger, but currently I don’t encounter these types of personalities often. Although, at times, I can relate to Brainiac in being “99.9909%” sure of something.

  3. How do you feel about Superboy joining these folks?
    I feel conflicted with the idea that the Legion helps Superman to become the hero he is destined to be. I always thought Superman figured it out as he went along, and learned from others in his time period.

Overall, I liked this one and the light reading. It was light-hearted, fast-paced, and I enjoyed the art style.

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Legion of Super-heroes fans!

I’ll be posting the new reading for this week Wednesday (May 15th) around noon Eastern.

This will be my final selection for a while… and then next week a new moderator will be posting books to read for the next three Legion selections, so keep your time bubbles fueled up!!

If anyone has any further comments on this short reading from this particular past week please jump in!!

I’ll just sum this issue up succintly: it was good. A decent debut issue for a TV tie-in ongoing.

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Thanks Vroom. Nice to have you back from your trip to the moon over the weekend btw, lol.

We’ll talk some more about whether to keep reading this particular series; in reviewing it the other day, I noticed each numbered issue mirrors that exact numbered episode of the Legion animated series very very closely which frankly is kind of a yawn.

There are lots of the single issues of the regular series available that contain stories of the Legion we could read instead on the first Wednesday of every month that we do the Legion watch along.

That’s going to be my suggestion.