Legion of Super-Heroes Club: Weekly Reader for May 1st 2019

For this week’s weekly reading fun, please get in your Time Bubbles and jet on over to the year 2010, for the Paul Levitz run that features a new volatile incentry member.

We’ll be reading Legion of Super-heroes (2010-) by Paul Levitz, issues# 1, 2 and 3 of the run, this week (skip the annual for this week’s reading, not part of the storyline).


Let us all know your thoughts!

4 questions to use as a guide to your reflection on this story: (these could be spoilers, so maybe read this part after you are done with the 3 comics):

How do you feel about Earthgov’s demand to make the Legion take in Earth-Man?

How likable is Brainiac 5 in this storyline? Why?

What are your thoughts on the state of the Green Lantern corp in the 31st century?

Which of the subplots running (Saturn Girl, Ultra Boy, Chameleon Boy) did you find most intriguing? Why?

If you want to talk about the Legion Club and discuss what you want this Club to be, many members are on this Discord channel: https://discord.gg/SUs87JP

Next week we use the Time Bubble to go back again several Decades for my third and final selection for now before I turn the Chairperson role over to one of you for another three weeks!!!

Wednesday May 8th at 9 pm EDT / 8 pm CDT / 6 pm PDT there will be a special weekday evening WatchaLong of a Legion show or two!!!


I’m in

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I haven’t read a Legion Comic and I don’t know anything about the Legion - other than what I saw on the Supergirl TV series.

I’m in for the reading! What’s the due date for the reading?

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How dare you pick on Ultra Boy!

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We’re totally copying you guys JL . You have all week so until next Wednesday at 11 a.m.

Should I wait to read this until I read the earlier runs or does it stand alone?

Should I wait to read this until I read the earlier runs or does it stand alone?

It can stand alone.


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I dug this series when it came out. Especially the Jim Lee variants! I’m very eager to re-read these issues.

I love Paul Levitz. He’s a nice guy, a heck of a writer and I could listen to him talk about comics for hours on end.

He also had a cameo in the Spirit movie (he’s the guy that says “You’ll believe a man can’t fly.”).


Wow I didn’t know about the Spirit movie cameo.

I wouldn’t mind if we did a few more issue a week, like maybe 6 total?

How does everyone else feel?

Wow, I don’t even remember this series!

the main reason I started with three is I want to keep it easy and light since we have so many other book clubs going on and I don’t want to take from those.

I enjoy participating in the main one as well so that that’s why I went with three.? also we’re going to watch a long once a month along with the weekly reading that week.

What do the rest of you think?

One more thought: there are 240 Legion comics in total. Not all have been digitized. If we cover 3 comics a week, we’ll be all done with all Legion ever digitized in a year and a half. I’d like this to stretch out as long as possible for the fun of it, so again, if we stick to 3 comics or so a week, and maybe even not do a reading when we do the once a month Watch a long, we have enough to keep this going through the end of 2020.

Thoughts? Would everyone prefer to speed this up and be done by for example October?

I think three issues is a good pace to start out with. Maybe increase as time goes on (and membership increases) but for now, three is good.

Of course, we all know what Alexander Knox would say: “Yeah, yeah. Six is good.”

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Three is fine by me then. :slight_smile:

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This is making me want to go back and finish Legion of Three Worlds, and also the Superman and the Legion of Superheroes storyline in Action comics, which starts here:



Yeah it does seem connected with that which is kind of fun. it’s not required to read that to understand and enjoy these three issues, but it certainly adds color to it!