[Legion Fan Club] Reader Y3 M2 "Children of the Legion!"

[Legion Fan Club] Reader Y3 M2

[Legion Fan Club] and Legion of Super-Hero Fans everywhere, the 40 year time train ride continues with: THE LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES (1980-) #272, SECRETS OF THE LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES #2 , LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES (1989-) #9, Legionnaires Annual #3, The Legion (2001-) #9 , LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES (2019-) #11, …otherwise known as “Children of the Legion!”

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First, let’s stop by the Bronze Age Legion circa late 1980- early 1981!

SECRETS OF THE LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES #2 (2/1981) DC UNIVERSE INFINITE The Legion and R.J. Brande’s dark past exposed!


THE LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES (1980-) #272 (2/1981) DC UNIVERSE INFINITE Wildfire and Dawnstar are testing four Legion Academy recruits to see which will join the Legion.

Next stop for our Legion Time Bubble: The Modern Age / “Movie” Age of comics:

Legionnaires Annual **#3


DC UNIVERSE INFINITE XS’s ultra-fast adventures through time and space take her first to the 100th century-where she inspires downtrodden heroes to rise against an evil tyrant-then on to Vanishing Point, the mysterious nexus at the end of time, where a mysterious cloaked figure awaits her with answers about her family history.

The Legion (2001-) #9 (June 2002)
DC UNIVERSE INFINITE Apparition is en route to Earth to reunite with long-lost husband Ultra Boy and introduce him to the baby son he’s never met.

The post Doomsday Clock new Age of Legion Excellence:

LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES (2019-) #11 (November 2020)

DC UNIVERSE INFINITE The shocking news that Superboy has come to live in the 31st century with the Legion of Super-Heroes has awoken Krypton’s greatest foe! How can the Legion of Super-Heroes stop the destruction of New Krypton (and Mon-el’s kids)?

And….the Dark / Copper Age featuring Keith Giffen as “Greek tragedy style” somber writer / artist with writing assists from husband / wife fan team of Mary and Tom Bierbaum

LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES (1989-) #9 (5/1990)

DC UNIVERSE INFINITE The all-new origin of the Legion concludes as the story focuses on the super girl Laurel Gand.

As always, please post your favorite panels / covers or quotes from these 4 eras of Legion!


This looks fun!


Haha :laughing: it does tho!!! Idk if u were joking @the lack of response, or u wrote it all at once. So I’m giving u a lil of each. I honestly think it’s great 💁 . I ll try my best to reread these. It’s just so hard when there’s so much I haven’t read to repeat. But, I gotta start. I’m right where I can’t remember enough unless I Google. Or, I’m so fresh I can’t read it? On the majority. But, I do get the occasional “one that slipped by” which makes it all worth 1,000,000,000 rereads.


Decided, I’d read early this month.

  1. LSH 9 - I enjoyed the origin art for Andromeda, and the flashback to her tryouts. Although this legion is not my favorite it was still an enjoyable buck.
    2.LSH 11. Not sure I like the petulant portrayal of Mon El in the stories, but looking at new krypton was interesting as it’s getting to know this version of the Legion. Of course there is only one more issue so it was with some sadness I read this penultimate issue.

  2. legionaries A3 Although XS is not my favorite Legionaire it was an enjoyable route through time, and of course the ending is setting up some momentous future or the past events.

  3. LSH 272 I loved everything about this issue from blok’s origins to his tryout and his first mission. These are the types of issues that always made the Legion great in my mind.

  4. Secrets of LSH 2 I enjoyed the flashbacks of all the legionnaires origins. And the way in which the story is told I particularly liked lightning lassflashback. It is interesting to note that Irma doesn’t have any qualms about reading peoples minds whenever she wants.

  5. Legion 9 What can I say I’ve always been a sucker for phantom girl, and when you add in furball and baby it just makes for a fun story.

  6. LSH 11 Mon El’s portrayal, I just don’t like at all, as they say not my Mon El. However I have enjoyed the series overall and I am quite sad this is the penultimate issue


I love the cover to The Legion #9…I’m a sucker for solid color backgrounds, especially black or white.

For current Legion, I admit I’m not thrilled with making Mon-el a Kryptonian. I do like that he is a married-with-children Legionnaire.

While bittersweet to be almost done with this run, we do have Future State Legion coming soon, then maybe in a year some new Legion comic?


I was surprised when LoSH 272 popped up for this month with the featuring of the Try Outs. I forgot that gem was there prior to The Great Darkness Saga.

The Steve Ditko art is distinctive and classic!

The world he creates for Blok is signature Ditko, and the backstory of Blok’s origin looks and reads like the sci fi features he and Stan Lee produced before Marvel launched it’s heroes.


I was NOT a fan of Mon-El in the latest Legion series. Nor was I a fan that he had kids. Also didn’t like the portrayal of Rokk, but I don’t want to start going down that slippery slope, LOL.

@Don-El, DO we have Legion coming soon? I’ve not seen any news at all, except for Bendis teasing on Twitter.


That’s all I know is the Bendis teasing


Dang. I was hoping you had some insider scoop or something. :smiley:


No but I just had a flying Kevin sighting


You’ll get your Bendis when he’s da**ed well ready … … … seems to be DC’s attitude for now.


The Legion (2001-) #9 - What an Eye catching cover !! Baby (almost) onboard!

My comment on this development: WOW! From her first appearance in Action Comics #276 (May 1961) till this series [The Legion - 2001-2004] came along, it took poor Tinya Wazzo over 40 years to become a mom !!!


I’ll be honest, I wasn’t a fan of that choice. She’s what, 16 years old?

I mean I guess she’s written older (all the Legionnaires in that run seem to act more like 20), but then again, I wasn’t a big Tinya fan during the reboot anyway.


She may still be 16 in the current (or most current - Bendis) Legion. Comic Book times and ages can be a tricky thing! :wink:


Of course, I am not sure it still counts as continuity, but really with the Legion it is impossible to determine that, I guess only the current series is in continuum so to speak. That being said, in SLSH 235, the whole plot was that they were brainwashing Superboy to keep him from finding out that in the future life had been extended, and that although the Legionnaires were called boy, girl, lad and lass, most were really in their 20’s.
Of course, even without life extension, I call most folks that age boy or girl.


Absolutely! I do remember that the initial writers of the Reboot did list out the ages of the characters, and I definitely remember that Tinya was like 14 or 15. Given that most of the reboot stories happened within a year or so of time, then you have the one year gap for Legion Lost, I am pretty sure she’s 16 or 17.


That would be a cool plot twist in the far future people that are a hundred years old look like they’re 18


Yes, also that would be nice today as well.


I just read the Legionnaires Annual (#3) 1996 that we’re featuring this time around.


I guess in a way we’re involved in time travel reading these old Comics LOL. There are three or four highlights for me after reading this issue.

  1. It was great starting this comic with that time there were so many Flashes hanging around, during the time of the Impulse comic book series. The Flash CW TV series occasionally visits that concept at least in a limited fashion, where you have Flashes that are friends of each other coexisting and living / interacting with each other in the same culture for a while.

  2. Roger Stern wrote this. At this point in the mid-90s he was still a pretty hot commodity as a writer, having been a part of the Death of Superman and the Reign of the Supermen storylines and a whole lot more. Roger lives in my area of the world over in Ithaca, New York with his wife Camilla who he met through the Ithaca Comic Book club back in the late 70s / early 80s. We’ve met them a few times now and it’s great how accessible they are to the public.

  3. Vanishing Point. I’m pretty sure this is still part of the modern DC comic book landscape. I found it interesting that it shows up here as part of the plot in 1996. I believe Time Trapper resides in the same point of time as Vanishing Point. He refers to it as the End of Time… wait, doesn’t Kang the Conqueror live there too recently? I imagine the housing prices are going up as a result.

  4. The severe limits on XS’ running speed. I’ve seen this with other speedsters such as Quicksilver and The Whizzer. In some ways I think it’s a good idea to limit the power so it doesn’t become so overwhelming.


DC was stressing their use of the word “Meta” at the time of this annual. While Marvel had “Mutant” more or less locked up, it was fun to see them take a poke at the X-Men 2099 - So it was interesting to see a few pages of XS running from the “Protectors” (Sentinels) due to her being an unlicensed Meta (unregistered mutant)?