[Legion Fan Club] Reader Y2 M9 42 Years of Legion for our late January / mid-February selection!

[Legion Fan Club] and interested parties, this inaugural month of 2021 we will continue to sample the new LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES 2019 along with stops at 3 or 4 other Legion eras from 1980 on.

42 year Itinerary: THE LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES (1980-) #265, LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES (1989-) #4, The Legion (2001-) #4 / JUSTICE LEAGUE UNITED (2014-) #8 LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES (2019-) #3-4

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Era 1 : Disembark here for Bronze Age Legion!

THE LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES (1980-) #265 DC Universe The history of Tyroc and his people.

Era 2: Stop by here for the Dark / Copper Age featuring Keith Giffen the Grim as writer / artist!

LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES (2019-) #4 DC Universe Five years after his ‘death,’ Mon-El awakens from his tomb, summoned by the Time Trapper, the entity responsible for his resurrection.

Era 3: Take a gander at the Modern Age / “Movie” Age of comics :

The Legion (2001-) #4 https://www.dcuniverseinfinite.com/comics/book/the-legion-2001-4/1af28740-5bf7-447b-b792-18869ca073f2// Andy Lanning, Dan Abnett M’Onel is held prisoner by the mysterious antagonist who’s been secretly running the galaxy for the past year (please don’t be Modru…)

JUSTICE LEAGUE UNITED (2014-) #8 DC Universe “The Infinitus Saga” continues as the JLU battles the Legion of Super-Heroes over the fate of the innocent alien who may grow up to destroy the 31st century!

Era 4: The post Doomsday Clock new Age of Legion Excellence:

LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES (2019-)!!! A double shot the next two months thanks to the “time shift” here on DC Universe Infinite!!

LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES (2019-) #3 DC Universe You knew there was no way Jon Kent was going to leave his best friend behind! Welcome to the future, Damian Wayne!

LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES (2019-) #4 DC Universe The secret origin of the Legion of Super-Heroes revealed!

As always, please post your favorite panels / covers or quotes from these 4 eras of Legion!

Long Live the Legion!

Long Live the Legion!

Long Live the Legion!

Next month, we continue our “Quadruple Decker” Dagwood Sandwich approach to Legion reads, straddling 42 years!!!




I wanna join


I’ve always loved the Legion since the “Adventure Comics” days. Yes, I’m that old :grinning::flushed:. But I’ve just finished Issue 2 of the Bendis run, and was curious what you thought of his version? For me I feel the characterization is weak, and Braniac 5 seems to be a minor player so far.


Congrats you are now a member ! Get ready for fun!!!

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Same here they are awesome!


Thanks for joining in! Since it’s been five or six years since the last Legion series came out, frankly I’m just glad something this good looking and Innovative has come out.

For sure they’re all on the younger side, much like the very earliest Legion stories or the ones in the mid-90s when you had those clones suddenly showing up.

For sure not much room for characterization yet in the story line with so much going on I guess. I do like where it’s ended up by issue 12, so I would just encourage you to give it a chance. I’ve not always been Bendis’ biggest fan and of course I would prefer Levitz was writing this, but again it’s decent overall I feel.

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I’ll sign you up now!

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The current Legion reading is here, under fan club discussions.

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It’s difficult to tell if the new Legion Book ends after Future State #2 as the solicits seem to end for the Legion after that. Is the Legion Being cancelled?

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Just finished #265, and I enjoyed it. I admittedly find Tyric’s powers ill-defined, but it was a nice story.

It makes me want to find out more about his city/country, but the reasoning behind ‘only appears three decades each century’ feels like a dangling plot thread that is easily ignored.

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@Meisaj glad you enjoyed that story. J.M. DeMatteis helped nicely with the dialogue I bet here.

I get the sense they were eager to dispense with the character Tyroc, but I can’t see why. An article I just found states that Paul Levitz purposely left Tyroc out of his 15-year run on the book in the 80s because he thought the character was too ridiculous. However in 2010 Levitz changed his mind and brought Tyroc back in Legion of Super-heroes volume 6 number 2 August 2010… around 30 years after the last time he appeared…ooo EEEE oooo…

( yikes copy to clipboard on a Android tablet doesn’t work too well with the new system yet)


I can see why they would find Tyroc a character they might not want front and center in the 90’s. By design he is a character that is dated and reflective of the Era he was created in.

His powers seemed just ill defined enough to accomplish whatever the story needed, but again, I don’t think that’s unique to him or the time period.

But I don’t think the character was irredeemable with the right writer or character arc. But in a team book as large as the Legion it probably was easier to just remove him.

Reminds me a little of something I read about the original X-men movie trilogy. That writers thought Xiaver was both boring and too powerful and had to write stories where he was removed for the main plot because otherwise the question was always why didn’t he just mind control everyone.


I read the Keith Griffen issue. I’ve talked before about how this Era just isn’t for me. Lots of thought bubbles not connected to bodies, a little hard to follow for me. Maybe I’m just not a fan of 9 panel pages over and over and over again.

I also think this Era pulls heavily from continuity and relationships established in previous series that make it harder to jump into.

I think I’m starting to get the overall story, but again the overarching plot feels like it’s moving slowly. But again that may be a by product of 9 panel pages with a lot of text making these comics feel longer for me.

I don’t think these issues are bad, but not for me.

I suspect the fans who love this “5 Years After” grim Giffen read these in their teens so it’s part of their DC nostolgia experience.

I spent around 2 years walking the club around this section of Legion history, but like any medicine, one a month should be ok lol.


As much as I’m struggling with, Griffen, I’ve heard a little bit of the overall plot and there are parts I’m interested to read when we get there.

I like that the Legion has a history and crisscrossed with Darkseid and I’m real curious to read / learn about the sw6.

So there are things from this run that I can’t wait to get to discussing, even if they are down the road a bit.

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Read the latest LSH adventures, and never understood why Tyroc left the LSH, at the time. Perhaps, they just didn’t know how to use him, as to the the others, enjoyable but not memorable. As to the Bendis issues, they seem quite busy, and lacking a bit in story so far, repeating some tropes such as not watching the vid, almost every issue. Although with that said, still want more Legion.


Thanks for joiining in the Legion reading again,
@RexRebel . Now I am wondering what other Legion characters like Tyroc were written out just because that current writer didn’t want to deal with their power set etc. Considering how large the Legion roster is, it’s easy enough to just set them aside and let other Legion members be featured for a year etc.

I know that feeling of “any Legion is better than none”, especially as that most recent Legion drought went on year after year after 2014. I have enjoyed most of the issues of Bendis’ Legion run, but some have been more “thrilling” to read than others for me.


Yes, it has been a bit uneven, but then most comic runs are.


Giffen (I think) loved to kill off Karate Kid and did so several times. He had a beef with “Super-Karate” being a super-power.