[Legion Fan Club] Reader Y2 / M5 LEGIONNAIRES (1993-) #50 (5/97) 41 pages / Legion of Super-Heroes #100 (11/97) 85 pages

[Legion Fan Club] and other interested parties, this month we proudly present 126 eye-popping pages of Legion excitement, the likes of which you have never seen elsewhere I assure you!! Guest starring: Blue Superman, Impulse, 90’s Superboy, Metal Men and somewhere in these pages, a Walt Simonson surprise!

Preeeeeezenting: two issues of Legion!

LEGIONNAIRES (1993-) #50 (5/97) 41 pages!! DC Universe

Roger Stern, writer! As part of his plan to rule the universe, the evil wizard Mordru has formed an alliance with the mystically powerful Emerald Eye. Unfortunately, this alliance has taken the form of a wedding between Shrinking Violet and the sinister sorcerer himself!


Legion of Super-Heroes #100 (11/97) 85 pages!!!
DC Universe

Tom Peyer, writer: The Legionnaires are aided by Superman, Green Lantern Kyle Rayner, Martian Manhunter, Robin, Impulse and Superboy in their battle with C.O.M.P.U.T.O.


Questions to consider:

  1. It’s Mordru again in Legionnaires #50. What do you think of this version of the usually-evil super powerful magician?

  2. How does this method to defeat Mordru compare to others you may have seen? If you don’t know of any other Mordru battles with Legion, did this ending make sense to you?

  3. For the main story in Legion of Super-Heroes #100, does having them in the “current day” DC universe make for an interesting storyline? Which heroes did you enjoy them “bouncing” off of most, the older heroes or the teen heroes?

  4. Which of the mini stories in the back is your favorite and why?

Walt Simonson!

Be sure to share favorite panels if you like, there is some great art here!

Next time: we continue to check out the Post Zero Hour / Pre Infinite Crisis Legion eras!



 B L U E ?


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Shrinking Violet marrying Mordru? Say it ain’t so…


I forgot how much I enjoyed these stories.


I really enjoyed these. I don’t quite remember the lead up stories, so I was jumping into these a little blind.

I thought Mordu was handled pretty well here. I think he makes a good Legion villain. As a very team focused book, you need a powerful villain that can be a threat to everyone and he does that all on his own. I think this way of defeating Mordu makes sense and is definitely a call back to previous defeats.

I did find it interesting that Kid Quantum’s abilities weaken against a larger foe. Is that something that had been established before?

I like the stories where the Legion interacts with modern day heroes. I think it makes their roots a little bit more concrete - calling back to a time of heroes. I enjoyed the use of Martian Manhunter in this story, especially the interactions with Monstress. Brainiac knowing more about Superman’s abilities than he does was fantastic and something I think plays to Brainiac’s characterizations and his being from the future.

I also like the creative use of Sensor Girl’s powers. It is something that was used well here, but could easily be something overplayed as well. So it is nice that it is not used all the time.

The Ferro Lad story was fantastic. You kind of suspected that it wasn’t a one off character he was talking to, but it was nice to see a Legion teammate pick up on his insecurities and build him up some.

There are a lot of great panels in these issues, but I’ll have to come back to share some.


I also found LEGIONNAIRES (1993-) #50 (5/97) 41 pages!! DC Universe
to be very satisfying to read.

Concerning Kid Quantum’s abilities, I’m real sure the main point is that Kid Quantum’s ability to slow down time is based on distance from her. In the scene below, the problem is that Mordru is further away from her as he grows, not that his power is increasing, in my opinion.

I love the poster at the very end of the story, this grouping of all the possible heroes of the Legion at the time.

The incredible scale of this Galactic team is probably one of the reasons Bendis was tempted to write Legion in 2019 as he thrives on this kind of huge crowd of Heroes in one comic.



The mashup of a Metal Men respondometer with a Mother Box with a portable computer of the Legion from the 31st Century to create yet another version of C.o.m.p.u.t.o as a villain was a fun idea in Legion of SuperHeroes # 100 this time around.

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