[Legion Fan Club] Monthly Reader Year 3 Month 5: Princess Projectra and Reflecto Shine!

[Legion Fan Club] and Legion of Super-Hero Fans everywhere, get ready for this month’s bright and shiny curated selection!

THE LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES (1980-) #276-277 (1981), Cosmic Boy (1986) #3-4,. Legionnaires #48 and Adventure Comics (2009) #516 (2010)

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Bronze Age: Princess Projectra and Reflecto Shine!!!

THE LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES (1980-) #276 (June 1981) The Legion of Super-Heroes (1980-) #276 Princess Projectra! Phantom Girl! Star Boy! Shadow Lass! Sun Boy! Chameleon Boy! all visit a medieval planet full of magic drawn by Steve Ditko! The Legion like you’ve never seen them before!

THE LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES (1980-) #277 (July 1981) The Legion of Super-Heroes (1980-) #277 It’s Reflecto and Grimbor in the same comic book! Grimbor the Chainsman engulfs the Earth with giant chains in space that are constricting the atmosphere.

Modern Age, post Crisis :

Cosmic Boy #3 (9/86) Cosmic Boy #3 Continuing the 4 issue story of Cosmic Boy and Night Girl in “the present day 1980’s” on a vacation but suddenly find themselves in the middle of the after-Crisis “Legends” storyline!

Cosmic Boy #4 (10/86) Cosmic Boy #4 Wait, who’s that mysterious figure in purple???

Modern Age, Post Zero Hour Legion :

Legionnaires #48 Legionnaires #48 The start of a 4 part Mordru story that features Kinetrix at her best!

Modern Age, post Final Crisis :

Adventure Comics (2009) #516 (July 10) Adventure Comics (2009-) #516 Early years of the Legion according to Geoff Johns, The Last Will and Testament of R.J. Brande.

As always, please post your favorite panels / covers or quotes from these Leg-ion-dary stories!!!


Just enough, and a variety pack of Legion Goodness too!


Funny, the cover date for issue #4 is Mar 1987 - Soooo there was a five month lead time back then between the sale date and the cover date. Probably some nefarious scheme of the Time Trapper going on there …

After the Karate Kid Series in the 70’s, I can remember not being too enthusiastic about another Legionnaire taking a romp in the past, but this last issue had a couple of golden moments. Here’s One. The epilogue (in retrospect) foreshadows the death of the Pocket Universe Superboy


Well on the bright side at least they didn’t just ignore the problem about Superboy after Crisis.

The continuity of Time Trapper is a nightmare at DC, but that’s just the way it goes at the end of time.


“Dawn of the Dark Lord” was fun in a few respects, but particularly in how it drew so many sub-plots in. XS crushing on M’Onel, Vi and the Eye, Mysa the Hag, Star Boy’s new powers, a Dragonmage appearance, plus little bits like U.P. Outpost Delta, Dreamer’s dream, The U.P. at war with Sklar, Element Lad crystalized… … … and of Course - all this and Mordru too!


Lord Romdur’s Castle …
Adventure Comics #300 pulled the same trick on us with the main Villain.
I mean, who would have guessed that Urthlo was Luthor?
So wait 20 years and try that trick again, putting Romdur for Mordru,
Such clever writers. Ditko’s art put me off a bit as usual, but then again that’s just Ditko.
Best Quote from the story:
Sun Boy " — Mordru, master of the sorcery sinister !"

Well yes, of course he is!


Well at least this Mordru has grown up… literally lol


Especially after being buried for centuries. Didn’t stunt his growth at all lol.


Finally, finished my reading,
LSH 276
I really enjoyed seeing some of the so-called less powerful legionnaires defeat Mordru and also enjoyed this issue putting them in the spotlight. Ten out of ten on this one.
LSH 277
Another Legionaire tale I enjoyed, it was nice seeing wildfire being his normal self. And I am curious about this Reflecto who has a strange attraction to Tinya. I can’t wait to read more and learn more about him.
CB 3
Nice to see Rokk let loose with his powers, I don’t recall ever realizing he was born on Earth before, and the master mind is unveiled.
CB 4
Nice to see Night Girl unleashed and getting some credit, also the Time Trapper is now way more powerful than he use to show. The ending a true cliffhanger Superboy and Krypto captured, same Legion Channel , Same Legion time, Next month.
Finally a Mordru worthy of the name, and not a wimp. Nice seeing how effective Sensor’s powers can be, and poor Garth still a hothead, reminds me of Starlord blowing it against Thanos.
A nice tribute to RJ Brande, and great origin story, even without much heroics, it kept me interested. The Brainy abuse was hilarious.

Till next time.


Thanks @rexrebel glad you found some nuggets in there!

I’ll make a note for us to be sure to continue to explore this Reflecto character.


This is one of my favorite reboot stories (right before the remerging of the teams and the quality started to suffer), as I really enjoyed the teamwork, the setup of Wildfire and Kinetix in action!