[Legion Fan Club] Legion of Super-Heroes Academy Training Week 2 (11th Month of Year 3 of Legion Club Fun) March 2 2022

Are you ready to continue to learn how to be a hero? Welcome to Week 2 of your intense Legion of Super-Heroes Academy semester studies! Complete this week’s training, then be sure to stop by next week for the next session at Legion of Super-Heroes Academy!

Bronze Age :

TALES OF THE LEGION (1984-) #322 (April 1985) Tales of the Legion (1984-) #322

Focus on Dawnstar! Training questions!

  • Why do you think Dawnstar so entranced by this planet and this leader?
  • Why is Nura / Dream Girl so grumpy this time around?
  • Was that “Blue Devil” on the first page?
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Long Live the Legion!

Long Live the Legion!

Long Live the Legion!


oh my!!!


I think this planet reminds Dawnstar somewhat of her home, and this leader is someone she can have a life with as a couple including physically which is something she can’t have with Wildstar.
I think Nora is grumpy because, despite her words to Element Lad, she likes being in charge.
That sure looks like Blue Devil, doesn’t it?


I’m pretty sure it is guess we’ll see


Sorry I just added the poll that notes that you read it.

Keeps me in practice for the NFL season LOL


I think Dawny either has found someone physically attractive to her or perhaps there is an outside cause attracting them.
Well if thom was your boyfriend, wouldn’t you be grumpy? Seriously, because Dawny and Brainy are lost under her leadership.
If not Blue Devil, one hell of a coincidence and one also looked a little bit like Etrigan


Oo, I read this one last month! haha

  1. Dawny liking this world so much was kinda weird to me the first time I read it. Looking back on it now, I agree with the others that she was having doubts about her future with Wildfire and what it would look like, so the prospect of a physical relationship with a man who saved her life and only treats her with kindness probably seems less daunting than exploring what a relationship with an energy being would be like (much less a relationship with a spitfire like Wildfire haha). Since she believes in the Great Spirit, I think Dawny is also attracted to the spirituality of the people there; it’s not even clear if Wildfire has a spirit at all, much less a religion, so she and Wildfire lack that spiritual connection that she immediately has with Jhodan.
  2. I agree with @RexRebel on that one haha Poor Thom is a manchild…If I remember correctly, it was covered in previous issues that Nura was pissed at Thom in the first place because he kept pushing her for ~sexy time~ and kept complaining that she was so focused on being leader instead of being supportive of her career. Then here he’s trying to fix the problem by doing the exact thing that made her angry at him in the first place while ignoring the concerns she’s having about losing track of Dawny and Brainy; Thom is pretty dense (pun intended lol). (Not sure if this counts as a spoiler since the run is pretty old, but just in case) of course Thom doesn’t deserve to be cheated on as Nura does in later issues, but he’s not a good boyfriend either. :"")
  3. I never noticed that Blue Devil guy before hahaha I wonder if that’s an easter egg or if it’s just a coincidence?? I still haven’t read the full payoff of this arc so I’m curious if Levitz ever brings it back? (I’m still in the middle of his 1987 stuff)

@RexRebel @jihaehae I’m still not sure why Dawnstar was so happy on that planet and with that fellow when she was injured and being attacked by everybody. I’m not sure as well if that weird food they’re nipping on might be part of the problem I forget if she ate any of that. Maybe there’s spores in the air as well that enchant everyone.

I hope we find out more later in this series as to why Dream Girl’s being so angry at lovable Thom, but for sure his timing is way off and his empathy is about zero for what she’s going through as a leader during such a wild time for the Legion.

I am real sure that is Blue Devil we’re seeing and I think it’s deliberate. This is around the time his well written well drawn series was being done.

  1. I always kind of figured Dawnstar liked the planet because it was low tech and without her tracking powers she felt like she would stay there. She felt comfortable. Nothing on this read changes that impression (or to be fair reinforces it either). I think the “entrancement” with the leader may have been with regard to Wildfire, but also the only two natives that she had much interaction with were him and the girl who kept wanting to kill her. Makes sense she would stay near the peaceful one.
  2. I think Levitz made Nura grumpy because he had just had Thom’s life story a little over a year ago where Thom thought that Nura losing the election would mean they could spend more time together and Thom had been taking her for granted, especially since Nura had been acting as leader again. Of course maybe something I don’t remember happened in the previous issue with Magpie.
  3. That does look like Blue Devil and I don’t think I ever noticed it before.

I once heard that this story was a redone Star Trek script that wasn’t used. Does anyone know if this is true. I could definitely see Kirk in a similar (if gender-swapped) situation as Dawnstar.


Great observations, @idle453.87595 . I definitely want to stop by this storyline as part of our weekly training in the near future (or in 3022, whichever comes first).

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