[Legion Fan Club] February 2022 Reading: JUSTICE LEAGUE VS. THE LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES #5

11th Month of ongoing [Legion Fan Club], Year 4: (so we’re 3 11/12 years old, wahhhh)

Welcome to another very special session of the [Legion Fan Club] as we continue to celebrate a wonderful and rare event: the 2022 Justice League vs the Legion of Super-Heroes has appeared again in the DC Universe Infinite Library (as part of the digital subscription service), issue #5!


Click on blur below to go to issue:

Whether you read this when it came out in August new, or are going to read it for the first time this month as part of your DC Universe Infinite membership, please join in the discussion below.

  1. What was your favorite panel or two page spread this time around? (go ahead and post them below)

  2. Any new clues about the Gold Lantern mystery this time around?

  3. What was your favorite part of this issue?

  4. Do you recognize everyone in this panel?

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Long Live the Legion
Long Live the Legion
Long Live the Legion

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It’s the next to last issue, gasp!

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Hope you’re feeling better @Don-El .

My answers:

  1. My favorite spread is

    I like the composition and the combination of characters. But mostly, I like that Batman says (as I read it) Well we’ve been bounced through time and the world is ending quickly so I’ll say please. (I do wish there had been more issues to deal with the aged and deaged bits.

  2. Something I didn’t catch when I read the physical copy, but maybe Gold Lantern is allied with Epoch in the future and he was trying to stop whatever they did. This might also explain why the Guardians chose him to be the Gold Lantern (some sort of safety). Of course, we’ll probably never see this followed up on.

  3. I actually liked the Vandal Savage reveal at the end. It felt dangerous and a little spooky. Once again, a few more issues would have helped.

  4. I can name everyone except the head between Timber Wolf and Phantom girl. I think it might be Sun Boy but I’m not sure.


With everyone aged and De-Aged I’m not sure if that’s supposed to be Superboy or Superman LOL.

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Right? Kinda optional???

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I would not be upset at all if another writer and artist Ryan Sook decided to do more of this version of the Legion.

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