Legion Club Weekly Reader: July 10th – July 16th

I’ve a actually heard Mike Grell both defend the Mongo looking villains as being homage, and part they look alien because they’ve lived on the moon hundreds of years. And then he blames art director/inker Vince Collette for taking it full yellow peril.

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I’ve read lots of fun stories about what it was like to work with Vince Colletta , but for sure I’m not saying anything here.

MisfitHighlander, would you say this issue is the start of the “good stuff” by Paul Levitz for the Legion?

Yeah, as much as I like the Legion, I think it’s fair to say that in terms of some…awkward racial crap, they have a lot more than the average comic property, between stuff like this, the Khunds, refusing to let Ferro Lad be black because of distribution in southern states Tyroc…well, just Tyroc in general.

While I’m not @MisfitHighlander, after finishing that trade volume I read this story in and seeing what the second volume has, it definitely seems to be so. It talks about a big intergalactic war between Earth and some of the other planets which sounds pretty cool.

Looking forward to reading that set in the coming months. Tomorrow we dust off the Giffen!

I think the first Levitz issue I really liked was 231. Then, we have a couple of awkward issues by Levitz, some almost bad fill-ins by Gerry Conway-- what’s that-- the guy you’re trying to stop is immune to everything-- even Mon-El, with a massive personality change, I might add-- hitting the “baddie” as hard as he can? Okay. DIG A HOLE. A really big hole. But, yea, around the time of this special I think Levitz gets his footing-- and I actually liked Earthwar. The slow build through the Legion’s greatest villains until finally-- MORDRU!! brings a mainstream, mythological super-hero feel the Legionnaires never quite got before then. And, 238-- a double length Ultra Boy story? Magnificent!

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Earth War later this summer, check!

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@Don-El How about a Fall visit to Legion Academy, courtesy of Messrs Levitz and Jimenez?

Great idea, Vroom! I see there are 44 comics that involve the Legion Academy, but I’ll arrange a couple of the best storylines that highlight it.

That also brings up other aspects of the Legion that we can do a Theme Week for, like the Science Police stories and series, Romances, etc, and instead of 4 issues in a row we could do more of a “topical” scattershoot.

Speaking of which, time to update the Chronology sheet: their 6.5 year mission, read and enjoy every issue of the Legion of Super-heroes and major guest appearances elsewhere.

ooo EEEE ooo (swooosh)