Legion Club Weekly Book Club Reader: EarthWar Pt 1 Week 16 (of our 312-week mission; see separate Google sheet thread!!)

I really “dig” Polar Boy’s costume, and he’s far more skilled at being a motivational leader than Wildstar, however my favorite Substitute is Chlorophyll Boy (please oh please let his first name be…)

Finally, using some sort of time-bending paradox machine, it seems our own beloved Bif-Pow wrote the dialogue somehow on this ancient DC Adventure comic, am I right???

Anyone else have thoughts on the first part of Earthwar? We’ll roll out the new Legion reading tomorrow afternoon…again only hoping forward a few years…

I definitely agree about the Subs, the whole “we’re not the best, but we’re trying our best” is a pretty unique thing they have going for them. It’s a good message, and it is capable of delivering some really funny moments, as seen previously in the club with the Legion of Substitute Heroes Special and will likely see again in the extra credit for the 2010 run.

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I’ll do my best to make sure we cover any appearances of the Dubstitute Legion during our next five and a half years of reading this decades long space opera!

S u b s t i t u t e.

Now I’m picturing the Subs dancing to dub-step.

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