Legends of Tomorrow: Zari, Not Zari (spoilers)

Welcome back my Legendary Island of Misfits. It seems like it has been ages since we have seen each other, and I wished I could have just taken a jumpship to this point. Without further ado, let’s get into it!

  1. I love the flashback to shortly after Charlie joined the Legends, but was sad to see all the great characters from her band just get slaughtered.
  2. Charlie cannot outrun fate. Here come the start of the fate puns…
  3. I love how everyone came at the wrong time to see ari come out of Nate’s room. It was like watching an old sitcom where the question was whether they slept together.
  4. I did not know that Gideon had a snooze alarm.
  5. “I spent the last five hours in what is this, 200 thread count?” Still like new Zari but miss old Zari
  6. “Doesn’t have to be a walk of shame if you enjoyed it. If you’re walking, you didn’t enjoy it enough.” Ah, Charlie…
  7. Mick: “Shame is a good thing. It keeps you from hooking up with someone and ending up with a 16 year old daughter.” He even had a teddy bear, aww.
  8. It makes sense that one of the fates is the person in Hell who can control how long someone’s life is, such as when she wound John to his death.
  9. “Without fate, mortals are making a mess of their lives. With our loom, order can be restored.” Great lines from one of the big bads.
  10. Ava volunteering for Rory duty. “You’re a better woman than I.”
  11. I love that Ava convinced Rory not to erase his daughter out of existence, but rather try to be there for her in key moments. Like a highlight reel.
  12. This show continues to be even more meta with all the Supernatural shoutouts. “Dean is my hall pass.” Love that Sara is such a fan of the show (even if I stopped watching a few seasons back when Dean got the Mark of Cain because half a season went by and nothing I mean nothing happened).
  13. There was no drinking on the job when you had the fate of humanity in your hands. No wonder she is catching up for lost time.
  14. Charlie spun people’s fates, the one in Hell determined length of life, and the other one ended their lives. Makes sense. Much different than I remember from Disney’s Hercules (though I cried when they were going to kill Meg)
  15. Again with celebrity holograms. Really Tupac at the 2044 Grammys?
  16. I like Behrad’s comments about Zari sahing “Meow” and wondering if it is a weird Nate thing.
  17. Supernatural moment: seeing Baby in the woods. So cool
  18. Jumpship gets blown up! Feels like they are really trying to show how dire the Legends situation is.
  19. Once Behrad goes through his Back to the Future explanation of the alternate timelines (using a similar picture and board), I like the fact that he thinks him and Zari were both air totem superheors called … “Wonder Twins”…activate!
  20. SteelHacker…cool couple name
  21. I started feeling sad when Behrad mentioned how the three of them must have been best of friends…when we know he was not there in original timeline (what is that ominous foreshadowing I feel?)
  22. I like that Ava pretended to be Mick’s Correction Officer to allow him to stop in to see his daughter.
  23. Favorite MickLita moment #1: Tooth fairy is loaded!
  24. Favorite MickLita moment #2: She dresses up like Captain Cold for Halloween
  25. Favorite MickLita moment #3: He sets fire to her volcano project with his heat gun
  26. Favorite MickLita moment #4: He holds the homecoming date, Kirk, up with his heat gun and makes him wet his pants.
  27. Charlie is really a scared little girl to the other Fates?
  28. I love how John collects the ingredients he needs in the middle of the fight, but does he have to eat it? Again? gross…
  29. OK, I know it is supernatural (no pun intended), but wouldn’t it not make sense to cause a lot of air and then have flames for hands? Wouldnt that just make you go up in flames?
  30. I was so hoping that Charlie and Sara saw through the Fate using one of CHarlie’s tricks and imitating Hohn. I was hoping they were leading her into a trap not the loom piece.
  31. Meanwhile, on the waverider, Nate is a sucker for doomed romances.
  32. Of course this Zari is your favorite Zari, Behrad, otherwise you would be dead.
  33. Someone refresh my memory, but didn’t Nate go into a totem with someone using drugs as well?
  34. I want to take you to…Totem town.
  35. All the times Mick was there for her daughter and she remembers him bailing each time. Glad to see he finally decides no shortcuts and wants to make things right with her by talking.
  36. “I went to get my purse at homecoming, and told Kirk to wait, but you were gone and I wanted to say goodbye to you.” I’m not crying…yet
  37. Supernatural moment: Wait, if the crew is all dead, who’s shooting season 15?
  38. Zari is talking to herself
  39. Good to knw that carbs do not count in the totem
  40. Charlie: “I’m no fate. I’m a legend.”
  41. Sara’s dead? John’s dead? What?!?!
  42. Weird to feel jealous of myself. No need as Nate is my brother’s best friend.
  43. Zari 1.0: My family’s alive and you sound like fun. I’m good with that."
  44. Do you know anyone else in the DC Universe who wears rings? Seeming like a crazed Hal Jordan this Fate is.
  45. Behrad: “There is a very slinky lady in a red pantsuit on ship, which normally I would be into. But she’s giving off a I want to kill you vibe.”
  46. “You don’t belong here.” Wait, is she going to…“No more defying fate.”…NOOOOOOO
  47. Mystery for another time: “You saw my true form and survived.” Was it because she returned from the dead, or was it because she was a paragon? Paragon protection?
  48. “I’m a god.” “I’ve faced worse.”
  49. Great line, Charlie: “Fate’s a ■■■■■, innit?”
  50. Didn’t they use this same trick in one of the Alien or Aliens movies? Out the air…er time lock?
  51. OK, now I am crying…“Next time, bring Behrad.”
  52. OK, there’s the Zari I know…doing whatever to get her brother back.
    I will say this, there were some lighthearted moments, but the Legends really had a doom and gloom about them this episode. I know the Fates will not be gone long. After all they control time, so they will make it back.
    Most of all, kudos to the writers of this show for introducing Behrad to us, and making us like him from the start. Hard to do when you replace a well liked character who has been on for a while, but in his short time on the show he has become like another favorite in this mixed up family. I seriously cried when I saw him being killed, which I had not done on this show since sine Martin Stein died. Maybe not as hard as when he had died, but he still grew on me. And that is a testament to how they craft each character so you care about everyone. Rest in Piece Time Bro. Until next time, stay safe and stay Legendary.

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This episode really hit home how good of an actress Tala Ashe is. I’m watching the same actress play two different parts, only I’m not seeing the actress, I’m seeing the characters. They felt like two different people. That’s amazing.


Is the jump ship destroyed forever? That seemed like a pretty big explosion.

Now I got a question. Since she’s in hell does that mean she died? That’s a story I’d want to hear. Either that or she just went there herself.

So she was always there in hell??

This was my favorite for sure.

Nice alliteration. Wasn’t she also the death totem? Is that what it was called? Can’t remember. I honestly just thought it was Sara being Sara. In the recent two minute trailer she’s wearing sunglasses ALOT so I think that’s part of it.

I think they did the Rory and Ava scene to show how far they have grown. Can Ava have kids? Do you think she helped Rory because she doesn’t have a family of her own?

The episode definitely was sad at the end, but as soon as Zari was all ready to get her brother back, I was thinking now this is the Zari we know! Too bad it’s because of a tradegy. I didn’t LOVE behrad but he did grow on me as the season has gone on. I feel bad for nate though, first he lost his bro Ray, now B.


I laughed though the whole first segment of the episode. It was excellent!


This hurt so bad. Poor Mick!


I’m confused about Sara, how did she survive?

I was happy to see the original Zari!

All of the individual story lines were entertaining. I’m so glad legends are back!