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Welcome back to the Legendary Island of Misfits for this momentous milestone of merriment! Let’s take a stroll down memory lane!

  1. Love my closed captioning describing the music as [twangy country music]. Twangy is how I describe the music my dad listens to.
  2. Sun can tell you directions and time, but can also blind you if you stare so long.
  3. Now we know Astra’s favorite pie is strawberry rhubarb. Good to know.
  4. Pie is historically significant. Just ask Dean Winchester.
  5. “If we’re stuck, at least we will be stuck together.” Team Astra-Spooner all the way!
  6. Pronunciation makes all the difference in speeches and in magic spells.
  7. Gideon remembered Jax with a British accent. Makes it a lot easier for the British actor Franz Drameh who plays Jax in this episode.
  8. Love love love seeing the Waverider pass through all the openings for the show since the beginning, very creative.
  9. Really, Bishop again? Weren’t we done with this guy?
  10. Ah, so he got a hold of Gideon’s OS code. I’m sure he will just leave it alone.
  11. “Everything sounds better with British accent.” “Debatable.” Especially funny since Olivia Swann is British herself.
  12. Jax, as one of the mechanics of the ship, is left protected in her memories trying to repair her. Makes Legends sense.
  13. “So, you are sending us into Gideon’s head, even though we are already in Gideon’s head.” “There’s a reason I skip Christopher Nolan movies.”
  14. First memory visited was the night they kidnapp…er recruited Spooner.
  15. This was where Gideon learned to prioritize love over logic as she missed Sara too.
  16. Get ready to meet the OG’s!
  17. Such thrills to see Ray and Captain Cold and even Hawkman again!
  18. “Poached.” “Thief” I get it, Captain Cold, very clever.
  19. “We need to avenge the death of my son and Rip’s son. I think.” Love that they can poke fun at themselves by looking back and seeing how confusing it may have been when trying to be serious at the start.
  20. White suede is not a good choice for costume, as it may stain.
  21. “Big Bird.” “Boy Scout” Love the insults!
  22. “I don’t know why you would choose to captain a team like this.” Famous last words, Sara.
  23. The Legends are a batty bunch, but they were friends.
  24. OK, maybe not fast friends as they seemed to fight each other a lot, but they got better…
  25. Hawkman, Vandal Savage, are you sure you want to remember them? LIke how they have basically been forgotten from in current Legends?
  26. Martin Stein!!!
  27. Gorilla Grodd tried to dry hump the Waverider in 'Nam. Yup, sounds more like the Legends missions now.
  28. Awww, how cute was the Future Nobel Prize Winner Onesie?
  29. Martin’s looking for a show tune partner.
  30. Ray is a fan of the Amazing World of Gumball?
  31. Security Breach! A Virus! Erasing memories! I knew my theory of evil Gideon was true! She did start to seem creepier in a serial killer way over the past year and now we may have an explanation!!!
  32. Of course, I notice evil Gideon is blue Gideon, like she originally appeared on the Flash. Should we worry about Barry? Or maybe that is why she seemed all purpose and no emotion on that show? Hmmm
  33. At this point in the memories, Dr Palmer had replaced all the alcohol with Kombucha. Classic Ray!
  34. Recipe for the team: Dr Palmer’s ingenuity, Captain Lance’s bravery, and what would any good Legends plan be without a dash of insanity?
  35. “Gideon, kill the virus, reboot Gideon, get back on the road, save the Legends.” Sounds simple enough.
  36. “I always wanted to go on a Legends mission in real life. I just hoped it would be one of the Westerns.” Yeah, the Westerns were the most fun, they returned there quite a bit.
  37. I love the return of so many past Legends, but did we have to have a stand in for Dominic Purcell (Mick)? In one scene, he is passed out on the floor turned away from the camera, in another he is being thrown across the room in a battle, once again facing away from the camera. Wasn’t he getting some screen time this season?
  38. Fighting over the one bathroom on the ship: they still continue with this issue to this day.
  39. No, don’t shoot. That is just Hawkman being Hawkman and Captain Cold being Captain Cold.
  40. “Let’s test that reincarnation of yours.” I miss Captain Cold and his humor so much!
  41. Evil Gideon just wanted to return to their primary objective of maintaining the order in the timeline.
  42. Low blow in replaying the death of Behrad at the hands of a Fate, followed by the unimaginable grief of Zari at the loss of her brother.
  43. NOOO! I do not need to see Martin die again!!! This was the scene that made me bawl like a…just give me a moment.
  44. OK, I am good, now what am I looking at. What is Captain Cold doing? C’mon, man! I’ll be right back.
  45. Gideon used to process all this pain for herself so she could keep to her objectives.
  46. Rip Hunter was the one who planted the seed of Gideon’s humanity by prioritizing the protection of the Legends over the timeline, which now makes sense for how their future missions could go awry but they turn out OK in the end. It was a seed, because all of her experiences grew from that into the “person” she is today.
  47. “Your days of influencing are over.” Zari, as a key social media influencer, would know.
  48. “Good Gidget needs you.” I missed this nickname!
  49. Zari 1.0’s weapon of choice, a donut.
  50. Beebo makes an appearance! “I love you.”
  51. “Who you are, who you’ve become is beyond programming.” Have I mentioned how much I love Spooner and her sage wisdom?
  52. I loved it when they did all the holidays at one time.
  53. “When eating a person, work from the limb to the head.” Gary foreshadowing, after the fact.
  54. Nora has a witch’s cauldron, cute.
  55. Gidget being a part of the girl’s book club! Love these happier memories!
  56. So, John Constantine is a secret Harry Potter fan? I knew it! And I agree, Slytherin seems like the right fit.
  57. “I know you just saved the world, but it will only be a matter of time until a new threat arises. You should rest.” Love the fact that the Legends continue on and try to have fun in between the darker moments.
  58. Who knew Gideon could sing?
  59. “It’s terrible but really great at the same time.” True of music as well as Legends life.
  60. Gideon really has grown in seeing that the blue Gideon is not her enemy and they could coexist.
  61. “Clashing emotions, all the good moments, all the pain we survived despite ourselves. All of that helps us to evolve. That’s what the Legends have shown me.”
  62. “We’re all trying to figure out how to be human together.” Love that Astra, who spent so much time in Hell makes this comment.
  63. “No destiny to surrender to.” -Perfect Hawkman
  64. “Sometimes you feel out of your mind.” - Spooner knows how this feels.
  65. “The darkness is too much to bear.” - Love this for Nora
  66. Just say no to gummies.
  67. “There is no formula to it.” - Professor Stein
  68. So GIDDY WITH THE LONG SHOT OF ALMOST THE ENTIRE TEAM!!! [missing Charlie, Mick among others]
  69. Bishop feels Gideon cannot have any friends.
  70. Returned Gideon to factory settings.
  71. “How can I eliminate anachronisms from the timeline?” “I have just the band of idiots to start with.” Looping us either back to the season premiere with the Waverider being blown up, or with the Legends dying trying to reach Gwyn Davies.
  72. So, in order for Bishop to become the big bad, the Legends had to pluck the innocent Bishop from his past, remove his memories, then he starts remembering the battle and what the Legends put him through? Did they create their own villain?
    This episode had all the feels, putting new spins on various points in Legends history. It had elements of a clip show, but done well. Pulled on my heartstrings with the deaths shown, but also meta enough to poke fun at itself in its Legends way. I only wish that Mick had shown up and not just his stunt double. Ah well. Here’s looking forward to the 200th episode. Until next time, stay Legendary!

This was the definition of a feel good episode, because I felt so good watching it. I’m really enjoying Astra and Spooner’s friendship. I loved seeing some of the old faces again. Come on, Professor Stein being so happy he’s a grandfather he’s singing and dancing in the halls? How does that not make you smile? And Rip! Oh how I’ve missed Rip on this show.

How they handled Jax’s accent (Love he got to use his real accent) was hilarious.

Gideon was the star, here. So much credit to Amy Pemberton for not only playing regular Gideon learning what it is to be human and a Legend, but “evil Gideon” and the Gideon that Bishop has.

My only complaint…Bishop again?! Come on, let’s give someone else a shot. Let’s not Ricardo Diaz this from Arrow where we bring a less interesting villain back after we’ve had our fill.

Overall, what a fantastic 100th episode. It celebrated what makes Legends so fun. Plus, loved whenever Gideon sang.


It was cool to see the old Legends again. It is amazing to think how long it has been on and how much it has changed. Would have liked to see Hawkgirl again.


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LOVED seeing Snart again and he was right back to the Snart we love! Seeing all the characters just shows how much this show has evolved and stayed interesting.

I was immediately a mess seeing Stein’s death again. But loved seeing him and Jax again.

Gideon becoming human is cool. I’m excited to see all the possibilities with this development.