Legends of Tomorrow Trailer!

Welcome my Legendary Island of Misfits! It’s been quite a while but I just saw the teaser trailer for our favorite show.
It went by so fast and even with my time traveling abilities I am sure I missed something but I was so excited!

  1. Mr Parker’s Cul-de-Sac! I noticed the curtains had Superhero faces on them. I wonder if those were graphic novels on shelf behind him?
  2. Some attack on a bunch of teenagers going to prom?
  3. The person with the beard and long hair is probably one of the evil people released from hell last season, but all I could think was Sirius Black!
  4. Looks like Sara and Ava were rocking out to disco
  5. Wait?! Is that a Green Lantern ring in Charlie’s hand?
  6. Looks like 20s gangsters in one scene, maybe Al Capone?
  7. Looks like Mick is in colonial times based on the others clothes.
  8. The legends are back whether you want them or not
  9. The atom looks like he is pulling off that fan theory about a certain ant based superhero from our marvelous competition and how he would handle their purple villain. Messy!
  10. Someone throwing a knife at Constantine
  11. Ava two gunning it and looking badass
  12. The puppets return?!? Avenue Q?
  13. Is that Nate flying on fire with weird faces in the sky? What drugs are they on?
  14. Is that Mona lying naked in a bed of Beebos?!?
  15. Does Constantine actually get to smoke? Or will someone stop him?
  16. Genghis Khan and the Huns on Segways
  17. Nate punching out some weird Smore character
  18. Who’s the character with half white half black mask? Maybe related to the checkerboard floor we saw earlier?
  19. Maybe the prom was from 1989? I saw this behind the person dancing on stage toward end
  20. What would make Mick faint? Also is that Zari standing next to him?!? Yeah!!!
    Well that’s all until the premiere. Sorry for my lack of insight but these short trailers tell you nothing and are too quick.
    Until next time stay Legendary!


Here’s the Season 5 Official trailer for anyone who need the link

Thanks so much for doing this. The whole thing went by so fast that I could barely recognize what I was seeing and now we have your wonderful list!

Yep! I love how the show acknowledge the haters and is self-aware, and funny about it. I’m glad they’re back!

Ray being Mr. Rogers is soooo believable it’s ridiculous :laughing: I couldn’t figure out what was on the curtain, I thought they were ice cream cones.

Yep, along with Astra

With Constantine, it’s easier to figure out who’s NOT throwing a knife at him :laughing:

I’m looking forward to discussing the show with you and fellow LOT fans when the show returns!


@JLWWSM thanks for the compliments! I tried my best to capture what happened but it was too quick even when I paused it and tried to step through it.
I love that even in the trailer they still do not take themselves seriously and some of the scenes, even out of context, are so bonkers that it looks like it will not stop being my favorite!
I think those were superhero faces on curtains it was hard to tell.
Ha you are right about Constantine!
I cannot wait to have proper episodes again to put my spin on!
I’m just looking forward to seeing my lovable goofballs in action in the crossover so may see some before January fingers crossed.

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I cant wait! Hopefully bebo makes his return.

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