Legends of Tomorrow: Too Legit to Quit (Spoilers)

Welcome back my Legendary Island of Misfits to a peek at the future of our favorite dysfunctional family! We got all nostalgi and weepy and I need to continue on before I break down crying so let’s go!

  1. “What a surprise, a Legends plan that didn’t work.” Geez, robo-Gideon a little harsh (true, but harsh)
  2. Protocol 276: Gideon is not allowed to self-destruct, which also includes human Gideon. Genius!
  3. Zari 2.0 not knowing what she was doing and swapping plugs, actually saves the Legends by disabling power to the lab so the Legends could not be killed by robo-Gideon. Yup, that is usually how Legends stumble into their solutions, so she has earned her place.
  4. Robo-Gideon was going to allow all the Legends to go home because they were going to retire, leaving it to maintain the timeline.
  5. Except for Legends never retire…except for Ray and Nora and Amaya and Jax and Wally and Mona and Charlie and Mick and don’t forget the Hawk-people. Wow, they really have had a lot of cast turnover and still surviving!
  6. “This is your future lives”…if I don’t kill you.
  7. Revealing future to Legends or stuck in temporal zone…decisions decisions
  8. “I’ll John McClane through this.” Great one, Spooner!
  9. I like the fact that they are having Gwyn draw up the vent diagram for Spooner with Nate’s help…based on past episodes, hopefully not allowing Nate to draw.
  10. “One fart and I’m sucked out.”
  11. Really shows Zari 2.0’s growth that she seemed disappointed in becoming a cosmetic titan especially when she notices she is not wearing her totem anymore. When she first appeared she would have jumped at the chance but now she wants to keep being a hero.
  12. Audible lipstick: Let your lips do the talking.
  13. Computer Gideon’s Magic 8 Ball.
  14. I want a soundtrack album now with David Bowie’s “Space Girl”, Smell songs and now B’s “Great Hound to the Moon”. The lyrics were so beautiful for the montage of the future scenes…“Tomorrow’s better treated as today.” “But remember the past” “But knowing you still your love never dies”
  15. Astra for president 2040.
  16. Once again, Gwyn gets to be heartbroken by being ina beautiful, peaceful place in 1925…but alone. It is not fair.
  17. Hero Moments: History from a man who was there. The only piece missing was showing his life in the totem with Zari 1.0.
  18. OMG…how cute is Sara and Ava’s daughter??? Part of me hopes her name is Laurel.
  19. Spooner would be back in her own time with her mom, but without her friends. More and more, I think robo-Gideon is looking to divide and conquer by separating the team.
  20. Very cool effect of Astra changing from Spooner back to her own form.
  21. Astra was willing to blow herself up for Spooner. That is true besties for life!
  22. “What more do you want than to go home?” “To keep the timeline safe.” “That’s rich, you regularly put the timeline in danger for your own personal dramas.” Yes, but that is why we love our human, fallible Legends.
  23. “I won’t let it be turned into a plate of pie and mash in the service of the Legends’ latest whim.” “Not going to let an algorithm run the timeline.” Before humans and time masters, what was time run by?
  24. “Time needs to be in the hands that understand change is not the enemy. Someone who can balance the variable of history with compassion and heart. A Legend.” Well said.
  25. Per Time Masters protocol, there must always be one captain and one AI. Good thinking Gideon! Personally, I would like to refer to robo Gideon as Gideon and human Gideon as Gidget to distinguish.
  26. “We are chaotic.” “When has a little demise ever stopped us?” Especially in the comic book world?
  27. “This is the hard part about being a superhero. You have to do the right thing even when it sucks.” Yup, that describes it perfectly, Nate.
  28. …“and have a little responsible fun while protecting the timeline.”
  29. I love the scenes where the entire cast has a party as they look like they are genuinely having fun!
  30. Beebo pinata!!!
  31. “I wish I knew now what I know now when I was younger.” COme one where is my soundtrack???
  32. “What is the point of making new friends if you’re just never gonna see them again?” Awww, Astra…
  33. I love the fact that the Legends find a loophole again by giving everyone a magic key to meet up in the manor when they want.
  34. “You get a key! You get a key! You get a key!”
  35. “Not bad for an apprentice.” No, Astra you are a master now.
  36. “I really hope I make you proud.” “You already do.” Sniff…sniff…excuse me for a moment.
  37. “Seven years on this ship…” Sara is one of the only originals around (Gideon has been there in some form).
  38. “You make the world more colorful. You make food taste better.” Awww!!!
  39. “Truth is being a computer makes me a better captain, but being with you makes me a better person.” Gary and Gideon is the matchup that does not seem to work but it is so cute!
  40. B and A have only been together for 2 days? These episodes pack a lot into little time.
  41. “Did I just get hustled?” Yes, Astra you did.
  42. Zari 2.0 wants to remain as a hero because she feels she continues to live in the other Zari’ shadow, one who changed the entire world.
  43. “You’re also the champion of doing the right thing. Remember Eddie? You saved his bar.” Thats right, Zari, that was you not Zari 1.0.
  44. “My father, he was very big on legacy, but after years of hero-ing through time do you know how I’m going to be remembered? For writing a book about other people. My legacy, however, is the life I get to make with Zari. You make a difference, but make it your own way.” Wow, Nate, that is quite beautiful!
  45. “In the river, I have seen you through love, age and misery. In the river, I will find you, for you will always be you, and I will always be me.” Gwyn’s story is the saddest I had heard.
  46. Legends plan: go back to 1916 to save Alun, but still break Gwyn’s heart so he creates time travel. They rescue him in the middle of a Zari dust storm, and leave his dog tags behind.
  47. “It’s my hero moment. Hair tie.”
  48. I love the fact that they don’t want to let Spooner know about the charger in the bathroom after all she went through.
  49. “We made you a promise.” and Legends never break their promises.
  50. Alun and Gwyn reunited and it feels…off somehow. I am sure it does not mean anything that he does not remember the quote by Gwyn.
  51. Planning their schedules: “Wednesdays at 8. What time zone? That’d be 8 Eastern, 7 Central only on the…anyways it does not matter.” Gotta get one more meta reference in!
  52. Gary sets up the twinklies and Gideon creates the meal for them. Is that like she made her own date night dinner?
  53. “Never dim your light to make me feel better.” Gary speaks the language of love.
  54. I knew it, Alun was a robot!
  55. Gidget was going to save Alun for Gwyn, but found out it was a damn fixed point. If Zari and Ava went there, they would have been killed. Gidget did it to save her family.
  56. “They’re Legends. They’d break time before breaking his heart.” Exactly.
  57. Love: unstable duality in brain of happiness and fear
  58. “Love is complicated because people are complicated. It may be messy and painful, but if it works out, it can be the most beautiful thing in the world.” I live Gary’s definition better.
  59. “Timeline cannot be ruled by emotions.”
  60. NOOOOO, GARY!!!
  61. All because love proved to be too much a risk to the timeline.
  62. I knew Gwyn was much too smart to fall for the robot Alun! “I’m coming for you boy.”
    Wow. We still have one more episode left this season, but if this were to be the last season for the show (and I hope it is not!) this would be a perfect ending to me, saying goodbye to everyone. Well until the finale, stay Legendary!

This season has been one of my favorites. It feels a bit more focused.

I thought I would really miss some of the characters that have cycled out, but they’ve done a really good job of bringing in new people and keeping everything interesting.

And we had a Beebo appearance this week, if only in Piñata form!


Yes. Unless they screw it up next week with a cliffhanger ending (which they probably will) this would be a perfect ending for the series.


This really felt like they know they are not getting another season, which is really unfortunate. But it is nice to give them a chance to wrap it up. I guess we will see how they end it all with the final episode. Or if it is the final season or not. I hope it isn’t.

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