Legends of Tomorrow: This is Gus (Spoilers)

Welcome back, my Legendary Island of Misfits! Feeling refreshed and ready to get right back into our favorite show, did you miss me? Let’s sit right back, grab your favorite munchies and get started!

  1. I would make sure that I would take the totem off my wrist before Zari and Nate have their conjugal visits.
  2. Gideon beating Behrad at Mortal Kombat, is it fair to play against a computer?
  3. Pequena amiga…Scarface reference I like it!
  4. Bestflix, do they have episodes of Legends of Tomorrow so the team can watch their exploits again?
  5. “Put on your toques and Canada goose…” Ava tried.
  6. Raincouver? Were they kinda meta dissing their usual shooting location?
  7. I like Spooner’s hirstlye which apparently was just for the one episode.
  8. “Bud Stuy” has a cult following…hm, like any other shows we know about?
  9. “Poppy and dumb like Dragon Girl” - if this takes place in 2023 then how is there a reference to Dragon Girl isn’t Zari from 2049?
  10. “Did my personal stash get mixed up with the prop stash?”
  11. “Little tropey but I guess we’re doing a sitcom mission.” Why not?
  12. I was thinking a while back when I heard Mick was going to stop being a regular that it might be because his daughter would be having a baby and he wanted to be there. Now I wished I had called it here earlier.
  13. “Being a parent means being cool when things aren’t really cool.” Truth.
  14. Lita has moved past the Sabbath phase and is now on to Fiona Apple. Breaking your old man’s heart here.
  15. “Some jars are like old stubborn bast@#%s. They eventually open up.”
  16. I noticed Bud Stuy is on Fridays at 9 PM. Isn’t Fridays the day they move shows to die?
  17. “Alien in WITSEC hiding out from Big Bad that destroyed its planet. Sounds like a season of backstory and mythology.” Love that they take pokes at television genres.
  18. Behrad ued Nate’s hair products. He should be banished now, never touch another man’s hair product even with communal bathrooms.
  19. “I travel a lot for work. Is this for the CW?” I bow to your metaness Legends.
  20. Behrad turning into a materialistic jerk who drives cars that burn gas and flowing Red Bull. All because his favorite show changed. Think how different we would be if Legends did not change from its original concept, hmm?
  21. Mick actually did not kill Lita’s boyfriend. After all how bad would it look if the author of post feminist empowerment lit killed his daughter’s boyfriend?
  22. Mick wants his grandchild to have something he never had: two loving parents…awwww
  23. I knew from the moment that Gary was probing (no pun intended) Mick for details on him and Kayla that Mick was pregnant. I knew it!
  24. “My girlfriend is in that totem, you tool.”
  25. Gotta love a slow moving golf cart chase.
  26. Astra is pretty pushy for labor relations.
  27. Anyone else notice the apartment on Bud Stuy was number 420?
  28. “First time I got a cell phone was when Behrad was born. I was trying to take a picture but my annoying brother photo-bombed. Every Eid he wanted to be in the kitchen. He was learning. No wonder he cooks the best team dinners. Every birthday is a reminder of everything he missed out on. Glad to see he really lived.” Beautiful sentiments, reminder of diversity on the show without overpowering, just beautiful.
  29. I love that Nate gives him a free hug coupon.
  30. Yeah! Zari 1.0 gets to return for a little while!
  31. Mick’s going to have babies!
  32. Gideon is programmed to have a laugh that sounds like a laugh track. I love the sitcomy feel when they all say “Gideon!”
    This show keeps the meta funnies going, while major developments are afoot. Both Mick and Lita are pregnant which makes me envision the scene from Father of the Bride II where both mom and daughter are having their babies. We will have to see. Until next time, stay Legendary!

Also, I could not get by without mentioning the title. This is Gus. A take on This is Us. Which happens to have Justin Hartley on it. Who played Green Arrow on Smallville. Boom!

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