Legends of Tomorrow: The Satanist's Apprentice (Spoilers)

Welcome back my Legendary Island of Misfits! Some day my Legends will come…with a tale as old as time…under the sea? Let’s get right to it then!

  1. Seeing Astra in the beginning, with the music and the fashions and the workout, I had major 80’s movie montage flashbacks.
  2. John really does have some nasty neighbors. He must not see them too often because it seems to me he would not like John or the company he keeps either. Did he throw really big parties but cloaked in magic?
  3. “I won’t be threatened in my own neighborhood!” " I won’t be treated like a criminal in mine."
  4. John has a honey-do list from Astra, including punishing their racist neighbor.
  5. I really enjoyed how we were treated to behind the scenes to other episodes, like the fast food one or the singing competition one. I always wondered where John got his smokes from since he had quit.
  6. I enjoyed that when Astra tried to access the Internet, it said Demon Data is not available. I guess there is a range to Hell’s WiFi.
  7. So, that’s how John can wear the same clothes every episode and no one seems to mind the smell; they are bewitched to clean themselves. UM, is that gone as of the end of the episode and will they now need to be washed?
  8. I said it seemed like 80s movies…I changed my mind. It is more like Groundhog Day (one of the best movies ever!) with the alarm at 7 AM. By the way Astra has no place to go so why set an alarm?
  9. “My background check says I am only 15. Well that’s because I spent my adolescence in another dimension where time works differently.” Great line.
  10. “You try to get a job when previous employers were Triumvirate of Hell.” Can we call the for references?
  11. Astra misses her blood pool.
  12. Crowley reminds me of a Harry Potter painting.
  13. Come to think of it, wasn’t Crowley the King of Hell on Supernatural?
  14. “You must be the all powerful space lord behind all this.” “When you put it that way I sound like a supervillain.”
  15. Since Bishop is the founder of AVA Corp and the creator of the Ava clones, which we saw came from the future, does this mean he is from our Earth just years in the future when all life died except for him?
  16. The way he danced and sang, he reminded me of Bill Murray’s (second mention in this list so far!) lounge singer act from SNL. “Nothing but Star Wars…”
  17. A/V Ava (say that three times fast) helped with the presentation.
  18. Did I see Man-Bat in the pitch? How about Spider-M[deleted due to mention of third party company].
  19. Sara Lance, the woman who can’t be killed.
  20. “You found and fell in love with one of my greatest accomplishments.” OK, creepy geneticist dude.
  21. Apparently they have many more seasons of Wynonna Earp than we do, with 15!?! Also strong female characters in love on how as well just like Ava and Sara.
  22. “You got me?” “Like the clap.” ewww
  23. “You were right about season two. They really figured out what the show was about and just went with it.” Hmm, they could also be talking about our Legends now couldn’t they?
  24. “You would think one of us would have address memorized.” “John usually just zaps us here.” The Legends need a GPS or at least an address book.
  25. I like that Ava needs a WiFi router to hook up Gideon. Didn’t Gideon go with the ship or does she now come on an app?
  26. “You wouldn’t like me when I’m hangry.” - they keep poking at their Marvelous competition
  27. Ava is a binder. Zari is a flip phone (oh, the horror!). Nate is the big Cheese. All seems very fitting.
  28. Oh and Behrad can get lit. Sorry had to say it.
  29. Spooner is a fork. I get it now.
  30. Astra still has soul coins? Christopher Columbus and Ed Gein at the least.
  31. “Humans are friends, not food…er, currency.”
  32. Ava had to wait until Bishop danced himself to sleep. How do you do that now?
  33. Astra sings “Why am I forced to sing?”
  34. Crowley mentions she would make a great evil queen. So many Disney references, it brings me back to the Fairy Godmother episode.
  35. “…annoying legends I tried to hide…”
  36. Love that Ava yells Charge like the wardrobe in Beauty and the Beast.
  37. Did they really yell “pew, pew, pew” when firing at Crowley?
  38. The flashbacks of John were done as comic book panels and it was a nice nod to his roots.
  39. Of course, every cartoon princess can read music because they can sing.
  40. Nate was glad to not be a cheese because the smell was quite aggressive.
  41. “These are my friends and this is my house!” You tell him, Astra!
  42. Crowley offers to dust and polish boots. How? He has no body.
  43. John apologizes for being stuck in his own bloody world and not realizing how hard it has been for Astra up here.
  44. Astra felt like she did as a helpless girl when first in Hell, so it makes sense how tempting this all was.
  45. John no longer has magic and has to start again. Good, I like that they can no longer rely on his spells to resolve an issue should they need to proceed in the story. It was becoming a Deux a Machina sometimes.
  46. John and Astra magic study buddies.
  47. Fuel cell was Bishop’s sleep-wakey nightlight. He probably sleeps with a teddy bear too. Or wait, a Beebo doll.
  48. He kept DNA backups of his creatures - data redundancy.
  49. She killed him, but no…I’m confused, but then again this is comic books. No one is ever dead.
  50. “What the mother…” I can imagine Sara would have a nice sailor mouth when pushed far.
  51. “You could say we are inseparable.” What does he mean? Has he linked them together like Harry and Voldemort such that they can’t die without both dying?
    I enjoyed the animated interlude and it was a nice way to include Astra who hasn’t been seen and still tie into the show. Now they can tell the Legends to be our guest, be out guest. Until next time, stay Legendary!

After Sara got name-dropped on Wynonna Earp, you just knew they’d have to return the favor. Avalance and Wayhaught for life! :sparkling_heart:


I have not watched Winona. How is it?
Also how did they name drop Sara Lance if it is a western? I guess she did go back in time when Jonah Hex was around.


Oh my bad, from that comment I thought you had already seen it! But I highly recommend it! Even though it has western elements, it takes place in the present, hence the Sara name-drop. It’s absolutely hilarious, kinda campy in the best ways, has plenty of action and a lot of heart


same! loved it

loved this

ha! I totally missed the “Demon Data”

I always wondered this about his clothes. mystery solved. I’m guessing learning to clean his clothes (or a spell to do it) will be a priority - the waverider is relatively small, so smells would be an issue.

I wish they would’ve corrected Bishop wording cause it’s Captain Sara Lance…

Thank you - I didn’t get it. Now I get it :laughing:

I did not see this coming. It’s a good twist.

Looking forward to next week!


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Flash is notorious for this

Binder Ava definitely did.