Legends of Tomorrow: The Need for Speed (Spoilers)

I feel the need, the need for Hoover…er Speed. Welcome back to the Legendary Island of Misfits as we explore more of the roaring twenties with our favorite dysfunctional family.

  1. “This is your brain off of drugs.” “Don’t weed-shame me. I know stuff.” We have seen Behrad’s intelligence in play before with Back to the Finale II, so not really surprised here.
  2. Hoover is giving Gary a tummyache. Must be the cigars or the bigotry.
  3. Legends are nothing if not adaptable, as using radios for communication. Perfect for the 1920s and post-apocalyptic futures.
  4. Zari is nursing her broken heart in a pocket dimension. If only we could all do that.
  5. Nate, the great historian, must be devastated as he feels he has messed up the 20th century.
  6. In order for Nate to look like Hoover, he needs to drink a magical potion with parts like Hoover’s hair in it…does Harry Potter know about this?
  7. Another great opening theme to fit the season. Yellowed coloring, old time music.
  8. “Core competency” is the phrase of the day.
  9. Who says Legends is not educational? We learn about the Palmer Raids from Professor Nate.
  10. “Great men are not usually good guys.” Well said.
  11. Ava and Sara take the Time Bureau manual and honeymoon chocolates.
  12. Anyone else remember the Gummy Bear cartoon where they would bounce all over the place? Great times.
  13. “We’re on a train? Where are we going?” LOL
  14. “Allah” carte. A joke and reference to her religion. Writers on point.
  15. “Works only if you drink while we don’t see you drink it.” Makes it convenient so we can see Nate for most of the episode like we would Samuel Beckett. Only others see Hoover.
  16. Creepy outsider apply art…now being sold on Etsy.
  17. Sugar foam is my new word for whipped cream in a can.
  18. With the diversity on this show, they really can showcase how different times had different perspectives. Legends is entertaining us, but can also have serious undertones.
  19. “This sounds like a job for Batm…er the Bureau of Investigation.”
  20. Nate would make one heck of a detective. It was amazing to see his Sherlock Holmes eye for detail.
  21. Astra is Gideon’s mother, in a way.
  22. “They would probably give her Rory’s old room, as there’s always room for one more Legend.”
  23. I like that they go to the heart of time travel. If their plan worked, why wouldn’t they be back there right after they left unless something went wrong.
  24. Gee, who would want to hurt Hoover? He seems like such a nice guy?
  25. “Spied on by a bunch of d@#$%. By d@$#% you mean cops right?”
  26. “He leaves a bad taste in my mouth.” Gary agrees.
  27. “You’re worth a thousand Hoovers.” Nate feels like he is a nobody in the timeline. He really is taking this mission hard.
  28. “Did you hear the joke about a black lady, a brown lady and a broken computer walked into a bar in 1925? Because it never happened.” Another comment on the time they are currently in. Being stuck in one place allows for more social commentary than the usual time jumps.
  29. “Don’t put all your apples in a box.” My new favorite phrase.
  30. Astra and Spooner are perfect together. Astra feels she is failing at magic so does not bring anything to the team, and Spooner without her aliens is just ranch wear.
  31. Gideon electrocutes herself to try a reboot. Was this what allowed her to communicate her thoughts to Spooner?
  32. “I’m not stoned. I’m enlightened.” Potato, potato, tomato, tomato.
  33. Zari’s list of suspects is like an entire hit parade of every season of the Legends. My only question is how she knew of some of them without Ava’s help as she did not join until later.
  34. Another history lesson, with the Red Scare. Seems like a darker period in history to have to be stranded in.
  35. Since the Legends drew so much attention in Midland, this allowed Al Capone’s men to find them much easier and derail their train. Butterfly effect coming up.
  36. “I give the multiverse a low probability. I mean what even is a Paragon?” Love the meta messages in this show. The Paragon part of COIE crossover was not too clear and seemed like a way to wrap it up to me. Not to mention there is a Paragon in the house with them right now…Sara.
  37. David Bowie. I am still waiting for the release of Space Girl on a Legends soundtrack.
  38. Weed gummies and magic booze. Sounds like a Legends plan to me!
  39. “Some things are out of our control. We need to accept the fact that we made a mistake. Take a deep breath and say ‘I forgive myself.’” I complain when FLash last season talked their way out of fights but on Legends, it feels right. Strange.
  40. Al Capone is a big fan of the Bullet Blondes.
  41. “Another Hoover? The timeline must be in serious trouble.”
  42. “Did we kill him again?”
  43. OK, let me just say that I called it from the last episode. I said he seemed like the Terminator. I just had to wait until after the real Hoover was killed to see it happen.
  44. Unlike the Terminator, though, they got smart and do an implosion so no robot parts are left to build again.
  45. What are the chances they would hit Robot Hoover with the bottle labelled Robot? Pretty high on this show.
  46. We find out that Spooner did not speak for 6 years, but she was still the same caring girl her mom loved.
  47. “You’re not useless, you are just trying to figure it out.” Love Spooner, so caring! She has grown in character like Rory did just over less time.
  48. We now have an end date of November 7th, 1925, for Davies’ time travel experiment.
  49. They need to get to Davies first or the Legends will die!
    Social commentary, history lessons, and the zany fun of a Legends episode. I’m enjoying the stuck in one time period, but also feel they will be travelling again later this season once they find Davies. After all, they have to find out that “evil Gideon” blew up their ship. That’s my theory based on the creepy undertones last season from Gideon and I’m sticking to it. Until next time, stay Legendary!
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:rofl: loved this line!

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