Legends of Tomorrow: The Great British Fake Off (Spoilers)

Welcome back my Legendary Island of Misfits! I hope everyone is safe and sound and ready to enjoy another misadventure of our favorite group of lovable misfits! Here we go!

  1. I like the use of the character Enchantress to bookend the episode (at the start in flashback and then as “Mrs Hughes”). I am intrigued to see how Legends handles her differently than Suicide Squad.
  2. Lachesis is the leader of the Fates and is most dangerous because Atropos kills only because she wills it.
  3. Charlie’s hairstyle grew on me as the episode went along. Glad she felt comfortable changing it up while worried about her sisters coming after her
  4. I love that the ring is made impossible to find because it can only be found when you’re not thinking about it. Sorta like the sorcerer’s stone in Harry Potter,’
  5. I like the change in wardrobe for Zari 2.0 as she is more professionally dressed and meaning business to get her brother back.
  6. Nate has a thing for warrior women, as long as they are from a different time period and leave him eventually. Poor Nate,
  7. I have realized that Nate and Zari 2.0 is like when a friend has feelings for you, but the friend does not see you that way. Like Dawson’s Creek just with time travel.
  8. Flawless brows and popularity are her superpowers.
  9. In the future, there are no newspapers, there are only apps that are like the news…
  10. John’s powers are to wear the same outfit every day and screw up spells. Hey she does have a point as does he ever change clothes and what must that smell like?
  11. In knew it from the moment he introduced himself as Mr White as off a Clue board game…he is Jack the Ripper! And an Encore to boot!
  12. THey are not equipped to handle time travelling Encores.
  13. Living it up at the Hotel Encore…my apologies to the Eagles for my singing voice.
  14. Zari: “Should I have let myself be serial killed so you could have five more minutes to not find the ring?”
  15. Good point: would you want Gary to be the one to send you to hell?
  16. Thought you were taking time to spend with your kid. Mick: “She told me to go to Hell. Where are we going?”
  17. Gary gets to drink that tangy demon blood for once…still gross.
  18. Nate and Charlie know their limitations…they have no technological know how so they just decide to drink until they return.
  19. Shoulder pads to blend in in Hell…interesting does that that say something on the 80s?
  20. We’re going to let the B word slide as she sent a bunch of criminals after our friends. Do they have a swear jar on the Waverider? Maybe they should start one?
  21. I like the plan that they grab a demon off street and ask them where Astra is…Thanks, Mickey!
  22. We get confirmation that John has indeed quit smoking. They ever allowed him to do so on the show anyways.
  23. I am now picturing a tiny warrior Zari inside the totem…
  24. I like that it was a bit on the nose to have Brutus try to stab John in the back. When in Rome…
  25. Jack the Ripper is their toughest competition because he was never caught.
  26. Someone had mentioned before how great an actress Tala Ashe is for portraying the different Zari’s. She also did wonderful in this episode portraying Cleopatra and saving John from being killed.
  27. I like the comment that they would definitely see Mick in Hell again.
  28. The demon assistant will be fine in a few hours but better because less gullible.
  29. Lachesis swapped out John’s coin with, love the quote, “Who the Hell is Vandal Savage?” Gary knew this one as did we all from Legends lore.
  30. I loved Ava’s story about how her mentor Rip fabricated her memories to make her better at her job. Touched on how strong she was. Especially when she says “Stop letting everyone else think they know what is best for you and make your own choices.” She does make a good Captain while Sara is out.
  31. Gary folded like cheap deck of playing cards in helping Mick.
  32. Mick had a soccer match of his daughter’s he wanted to be there for. He refuses to die in Hell without getting to know his daughter. I love Mick’s fatherly side!
  33. I like that John’s solution to finding the ring is by forgetting it after drinking.
  34. Making soul coins to control denizens of Hell is a cheap reflection of my former glory.
  35. I like that they were trying to have Astra become the new third Fate sister. They might have done so if they didn’t push off her mother’s return as a petty human desire. She still misses her mother.
  36. He’s worse than an imposter of Jack the Ripper…he’s John Constantine.
  37. Zari’s sharing of how she has to always put her personal pain aside for the public image made her more tragic and relatable in my eyes. The fact that the only thing she cannot get out of her head is the fact that her baby brother died trying to protect her when she had the totem that he could have used to save himself.
  38. I like Mick’ response to seeing Astra: “You’ve come to kill us. Good, I was getting bored.”
  39. Gary: “It’s a small underworld after all.” Great, now I have the song stuck in my head.
  40. I want to find out more about the end of this sentence: “Did she ever channel an animal while you were…”
  41. Nice ricochet of the bullet hitting Bonnie from the wind of Zari.
  42. We’re here to save you, which of course you don’t need. Shouldn’t everyone on the team know by now, that they usually figure out stuff on their own. Seems this happens a lot.
  43. They now have a collection of Hell Weapons, but not sure how will work against the Fates.
  44. Nate/Zari/John love triangle? Interesting. At first I would not have placed John and Zari together, but then again that’s what I said about Nate and Zari when they forced, um first showed us them together. Be interesting how this plays out.
    I am not sure how many more episodes we have or when they will air, but I will be here for you when they do come our way. I want to see the payoff to the building of the Loom of Fate as much as you do, as well as see how the Legends take on gods. Until next time, stay Legendary!

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When I saw Enchantress I was very excited. I always wanted more of her character after suicide squad.

So Much Hair! Lol

I’m more surprised he did the spell correctly and got them there and back in one piece.

I feel like with that line Ava and Mick are actually getting along now, instead of not being able to stand each other. They’ve come a long way.

Someone has mentioned to me how there should be “council of Zari’s” because she’s so good at playing different versions like the Wells’

Sounds pretty logical to me. Imagine…he drinks too much and he just wakes up the next day with the ring just suddenly in his pocket. He stopped thinking about it, found it while smashed and pocketed it, completely forgetting it was important until he woke up.

Don’t we all.

I thought they finished filming.

Every time I read this I think of Barney Stinson.

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I know. I wanted to play with the word Legend and there are only so many ways. Maybe I coined it first because I took a jump ship to the past and said it around the writers of the show and the rest is, wait for it, Legendary!

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Also I had heard they only had post production left on the show. Just not sure how long it will take remotely but maybe this will be first CW show to have a complete season

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I’m just glad Arrow and Black Lightning had shorter seasons so they were both able to conclude before the shutdown (especially Arrow, since it was the final season).

I laughed so hard when Gary said he got the dog from hell. Kinda sad about behrad though. They gotta bring him back right?

I finally caught up and watched the latest episodes! Sorry for being late to the party!

Same - I hope we see her again before the season ends. I like this take on her.

This felt like a foreshadow. Poor Nate.

I was soooo excited when it started looking like a game of Clue. I NEEDED someone to suspect the killer, room, and weapon :laughing:

This was a good way to show why she’s in charge. She gives no mercy!

I feel bad for anyone in a relationship with John because it doesn’t work out well with John. Having said that, Zari 2.0 is an intriguing match - even for a fling - she’d keep him on his toes.

I really liked this episode. I liked this one more than the next episode. I’ll drop my thoughts on the next episode in the appropriate topic.

Thanks for the recap! @ImpulseMaxMercury

They definitely need to bring Behrad back. He IS a legend.

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