Legends of Tomorrow: The Getaway

Welcome back my Legendary Island of Misfits!
First, let me pay my respects to Biff Tannen… er Hank Heywood. This episode made me actually like him, especially when he talked about how his childhood may have influenced his relationship with Nate. Then again towards end when he told Nate the truth that keeping secrets from him was killing him and he was no longer doing that. Don’t think I did not notice the truth bug didn’t go near him. Sniff…
Ok now onto my thoughts on this week’s episode:

  1. A politician who cannot lie…maybe we need more truth bugs
  2. No All the President’s Men which ripples to no Robert Redford to no Sundance
  3. Like that Mick was most upset over no film festival
  4. I like that Gary is the only one they can trust at bureau. When does he become an official legend?
  5. Another wall of crazy with yarn I like that Gary connects mundane things
  6. I don’t know why I thought of Demolition Man and the three shells when Mona had trouble with their future toilet
  7. I really want to push the red button to see what happens
  8. Great song with Free Ride
  9. Anyone else get flashbacks to Tommy Lee Jones in the Fugitive when Hank wants them at every rest stop, etc
  10. We forgot Charlie! Felt like Home Alone. They ever pick her up?
  11. I thought they were going to Wally World with those matching shirts
  12. D### in a box
  13. Another Mick book under his pseudonym Rebecca Silver
  14. Ok if Neron scares the hell out of Norah I am very worried
  15. Liked the truth session where Mick does care what others say and wants to look like Fabio and Ray goes to his dark place since hanging with John
  16. Smokey and the Bandit!!!
  17. Sarah has grown from cold assassin to talking things out and saying should share feelings.
  18. “Family: People you don’t mind being annoyed by”
    One more moment of silence for Mr Heywood

Ok until next time stay Legendary!


The Zary-Nate thing still feels like it’s happening outta nowhere. Maybe it’ll grow on me. Mona was excellent!

  1. “I don’t hear gender.”
  2. No way Hank stays dead. He better not!
  3. Ray: what are we gonna do?
    Mick: kill em!
    Ray: no.
    Mick: kill em!
    Ray: no.
    Mick: kill em!
    Ray: no.
    Mick: kill em!
  4. Poor Charlie!
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hey Cisco, your meta containment technology was defeated by a girl

Hank can’t be ‘dead’ dead, dude is dad to a Legend …

all in for Zari and Gary’s knitting club

Nate and Z romance … love them both, but let me shut the front door on that ending well

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