Legends of Tomorrow: The Fungus Amongus (Spoilers)

It has been a wild year for us here on the Legendary Island of Misfits, but all good things must come to an end. Until next season which is not too far away, so let’s dive right into the nuptial bliss!

  1. “Charred, nothing new.” Sooo glad Mick came out of the explosion relatively OK.
  2. Mick’s kids are his family, all 49 plus a grandbaby on the way.
  3. “That gyrating bast@#$!” My thoughts exactly.
  4. In all the excitement, I had forgotten that Behrad went back to his own time and home to see his mother. The Legends owe him a new couch.
  5. “I know a thing or two about addiction.” Good point Behrad, maybe there should have been an intervention with John.
  6. The meeting between Spooner’s mom and the time travelers who found her daughter in the future was so welcoming.
  7. I love that Mick is helping out with the eggs and Kayla is protective of how much they can get turned.
  8. “Don’t you need to strategize with your loser friends coming up with some zany hijinks to save a doomed planet or something?” Other than the losers part, this fits the Legends’ plans perfectly.
  9. Mick feels lucky that Lita let him back into her life after abandoning her, and he wants to make sure he does not make the same mistake again. He really has grown in this series and I will miss his constant presence even if it was day drinking in his room.
  10. I’ll say it again, the lizard people sorta look like the cheesy effects from Land of the Lost or one of those shows, but it works on this show.
  11. Bishop’s grand plan was to start over again with him as Adam and Sara as his Eve? ewww.
  12. “You’ve got to be kidding me!” This needs to be something like that other “I’ve got a bad feeling about this.” and just slipped in everywhere (twice in this episode alone).
  13. Time-napping: is it really a crime if you put the younger Bishop back where he started from with no memory of what happened?
  14. The plan to beat Bishop who has 6 percent Sara built into him is to go against her every instinct and think What would Sara not do? Brillant!
  15. “It really is a bad idea.” Aren’t they all bad ideas? They once used the Hall of Bad Ideas to fight…Thong Song…
  16. Young Bishop looks soo…geeky and at least he doesn’t have his groove yet.
  17. “I work but I don’t let my work define me.” Ava when young Bishop says it works!
  18. “I’m the only one who could be this diabolical.” CHeck the ego even when he was younger!
  19. John wants them to eat him. All I thought of was Alice in Wonderland.
  20. “You ate a strange mushroom and then you heard John.” Yup, sounds legit…wait, is this Behrad saying this…nevermind.
  21. Although, “Communing with the spirit world in an altered state is pretty on-brand for us.”
  22. John cleans up nice with a white trenchcoat, although I would have thought it went the other way…
  23. The fountain no longer thinks humans are worth protecting; Bishop you ruined it for everyone!
  24. John is the only one keeping both Spooner and the Fountain alive, which is amazing as he is compost right now.
  25. “Mushrooms feed off death.” Ok, so John is giving it a snack to keep it alive, gotcha.
  26. Meaning of Life: “We are all connected.” Or in the words of HSM, “We are all in this together.” (sing along)
  27. “They will destroy the whole human race before we are born. We need to hold the line here.” Nate should be another leader in this team or at least motivational speaker.
  28. I like the fact that they plan to have the wedding because they’re going to have to fight those things anyways, so why not.
  29. “We have put together much crazier miracles in far less time.” Truth.
  30. Wedding before war.
  31. Notice even the cherries on the desserts? For Sara’s change in alien tastes.
  32. OK, trope time: “I can’t protect you if I have to worry about you.” says every superhero ever to their loved ones.
  33. Sara already wrote her vows and Ava has to improvise. They really have grown together.
  34. “What you say in that moment will be perfect because it is true.” Gary, you are my wedding planner savior. Move aside J-Lo.
  35. Awwww, Ava wants Gary to walk her down the aisle. sniff, sniff.
  36. Mick walks Sara down the aisle. OK, I’ve got something in my eye.
  37. Kayla brought the kids.
  38. “We gather here today on what may be our last.”
  39. “It was not love at first sight. She had a gun, she had a glare.” Although, she looked amazing in a pant suit.
  40. “How could someone so perfect want a mess like me?”
  41. “My life before you was a perfect fabrication, then you brought chaos into my life.”
  42. If no one has any objections…did you really think this would NOT be the place where Bishop would return?
  43. “Am I the villain?” Only if you want to be young Bishop.
  44. Anyone without steel skin or regeneration stay close.
  45. Family sticks together.
  46. I think everyone may be a little overdressed for this fight.
  47. Power Swapping?!?! Too cool, seeing Ava get a metal arm, Mick use wind powers, Sara using magic!
  48. Kayla buys them time so they can finish getting married. She is a true Legend!
  49. Wedding Crashers, the sequel starting the Zagurons.
  50. Love will save us all. Avalance wedding is powerful enough to help the fountain see humans are worth saving and they save the world with their union.
  51. “Stupid Zags and their stupid mushroom allergy.” Maybe that is why they did not invade when the fountain was around. I am not allergic, I just don’t like the taste.
  52. “Did I not mention Necrian babies wake up very hungry and devour first thing they see?” NO, but very convenient Deux a Machina.
  53. The squids are sooo cute! And the one that crawled on Mick and hugged him…Awww
  54. Anyone else get Ghost of Christmas Future vibes when they returned young Bishop to his time, when he told them he plans to do better this time. Too bad they had to reset the timeline by having him forget.
  55. “It saw my purity.” ehh, John that was a lie.
  56. Now that his soul belongs to a demon again, the fountain is happy.
  57. John now knows what he is missing by being the way he was/is. He became someone different on Legends, but he knew it would not last long. At least he found temporary happiness before mucking it up.
  58. John will walk a different path, but maybe he can come back for episodes when needed? Of course Astra is pretty talented with the on-the-job training she has gone through so his position has been filled.
  59. Old key = new mystery
  60. “No, gotta move forward to the next job with a new partner.” Sara knew her old friend was saying goodbye.
  61. “I’ve learned a thing or two about handling punks. Watched you do it for six years.” I’m not crying, you’re crying.
  62. Mick gets the bridal bouquet, classic.
  63. “Things rarely wrap up in a neat little bow for us.” You had to go ahead and say it didn’t you? I did like the fact the Legends log appears and then their ship got blown up.
  64. Of course that looked like another Waverider blew up our Waverider…time travel involved? But of course.
    SO much in one episode, tied everything up, and we got proper goodbyes for John and Mick. The writers on this show really now how to pack a lot but still tie everything together so it does not feel too crowded (Flash I am looking at you!) Well, until the next season where the team is stranded in one time and place for an extended period, stay Legendary!

Awesome™:+1: finale

Mic lives an now it’s time to prep for an invasion.

Sweet moment with Spoons and her mom. And Astra too.

Eating John was hilarious and Sarah all shroomed out was great.:joy::joy:

They wed before they dead. Nice moments all around with Gary and Ava and the whole crew. Sweet vows.

Using young Bishop to help was interesting. Saves the day than wipes the mind.

The final fight us up. Spoons new powers are cool. Definitely see a lot of fun with that next season :sweat_smile:. And love saves the day. And then Bishop is eating by Mic’s adorable children.

Z2 and John’s last scene was nice. Perfect good ol John Constantine.

In the end with the Waverider blows up the waverider. Interesting :thinking:. Mentionings of Gideon being human next season. Wonder if that was an evil Gideon.:thinking:

The season overall was pretty great. Very fun and a lot of sweet moments. Also a lot of dark stuff too. A lot of fun and laugh and twist I didn’t see coming. Also some nice goodbyes to two legends. Overall a great season.


For as chaotic as this season was due to COVID, I think they handled the season finale well. We got some nice send offs with Mick and Constantine with the door open to them if they wanted to come back. I know Matt Ryan is playing a different character next season, so at least he’ll still be around.

The other Waverider popping up and blowing up our Waverider was definitely something I didn’t see coming. I wonder if this is a villain or something that happens in the future where the Legends have to go back and cripple the ship for something important to happen to their future selves.

There’s a couple things I’d like for next season:

  1. A strong villain. Not that Bishop wasn’t interesting, but I kind of miss the days when we had an actual threat. Bishop was gone for a while and seemed like an annoyance at best. Hopefully we get a villain next season that gives the Legends a challenge and has stakes.

  2. Give Behrad a story. It’s funny, I wasn’t sure what to think about Behrad when he was introduced. I thought he was gonna be a temporary character until they figured out how to bring Zari back. He ended up being kind of fun. This season however…sheesh. He became a token stoner. He had a good couple of episodes where he was mistaken for Che Guevara and his birthday episode, but most of the time he either wasn’t around or was that annoying stoner we’ve all met at one time or another.

  3. Keep the Legends in one place. I know next season they’ll be stuck in one time period, which is kind a nice change of pace. It’s certainly gotta save money on sets and locations. I’m hoping they use this to their advantage. We’re so used to them jumping from place to place that settling down in one era might open up more story possibilities.

That’s all I can think of for now.


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Sigh, what have our Legends done now?!!! :laughing: What are they trying to prevent (if that was themselves in the other waverider). Can’t wait to find out!

This whole episode was sooo Legends, and I loved it. They saved the world with the power of love, it’s cliche, but it worked for this group. I will miss Mick so much. He’s my favorite character (other than Sara), so it’s a difficult goodbye for me. I hope he lands a great new role in the future. It was cool to see an in-love Mick and protective dad Mick this season. With his 47-squid-kids, plus 1 human and a grandbaby. Oh, Mick, what a journey from the days of Leonard Snart. Bravo :clap:

See ya’ next season!

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