Legends of Tomorrow: The Fixed Point (Spoilers)

Do you think you have what it takes to stop the War to end all Wars? Can you stop all three members of the Black Hand without slapstick hilarity? Then, let’s go and see what happens!

  1. Fixed point, noun, an occurrence so pivotal to history that no time travel is allowed on or near it. SO basically a blind spot for time travel.
  2. “You are diabolical, Gideon.” “I learned from the best.” Um, nice compliment to Astra?
  3. Nate, you would still be welcome in our DC Fan Art Club, even with archduke’s car looking like a hippo.
  4. “We should really be better at this by now.” Yeah, how long have you had to hide your identities and create cover stories. Ah well.
  5. Fixed Point: where everyone knows your name right until you fail to stop WWI
  6. Does anyone have a pencil in case they need to fix Gwyn’s time machine?
  7. Each archival footage of the day’s events becomes history so they can watch the attempts live.
  8. “That Constantine seems like an odd fellow.” Yes, Gwyn (wink wink) he is.
  9. Time Travel Cheers meets Thunder Dome.
  10. In order to preserve the time line and allow time travel to be invented, Alun can be saved but Gwyn must remain alone and never know. That is so sad.
  11. Need a plan that not even time will see coming. A true Legends plan.
  12. “Are you the Legends of Tomorrow?” “A bunch of washed up superheroes who think they can beat the fixed point?” Hey, you don’t give them enough credit.
  13. “Improvising is what you do best.” “You are Sara Damn Lance.”
  14. “What if I take each Legend and place them in different points in time…” Hmmm, didn’t they try that plan a few seasons ago?
  15. “Divine mission to save him. Divine punishment to live without him.” After seeing Matt Ryan playing the immoral Constantine and now have him play such a pious man, he is a wonderful actor! Can really feel the torment he feels.
  16. Spooner and Zari: Both can talk about people they don’t like. Both were abducted by the timeship.
  17. "Running for our lives, no home, no plan. Never have I heard her sound so defeated.
  18. “We wouldn’t have gotten this far without you. Without you, we would still be in Odessa making headlines, while the FBI shuts down our circus.” Loving Nate’s pep talk. And it would have been a great circus.
  19. “We’re the Legends of Tomorrow. We got something those hot shots don’t have. That’s experience–experience at failing.” Damn right and they fail spectacularly but never give up.
  20. “We’ve broken time before. Let’s do it again.” Great line!
  21. Live Die Repeat - now I want to see this movie!
  22. Using Spin Me Right Round like a Record as background music for the montage as she progresses is brilliant.
  23. “We may be failing, but we are failing together.”
  24. Spooner coming out as “ace” to Zari means a lot. The diversity on this show of characters, genders, sexual identity is much more than many shows I know of and it does not feel forced.
  25. AT first, I thought the man in the top hat was the Shade from Stargirl.
  26. “God would want you to feel love and feel acceptance for whoever you choose to love. Love is love is love is…”
  27. Ava truly shines here and has really grown to realize that time line preservation is not everything. Plus she knows her Lin-Manual Miranda.
  28. “What moves me more is your unrelenting belief that this is a way.” Yeah!
  29. “Take a chance on Sara Lance. Take a chance on Sara Lance.”
  30. Thawne is the mystery protector of the fixed point? I did not see that coming. This guy just does not die, and I am OK with that.
  31. “Who would have thought me of all people would be here protecting the timeline.” Certainly not me.
  32. “I can’t take you seriously in that hat. You look like a railroad villain.” Yes, but without the mustache to twirl.
  33. “You cannot defeat a fixed point.” “Have you met me?”
  34. “I am not trying to break reality.” Really, I am not.
  35. The Black Flash vaporized him seasons ago, but the time wraiths pulled him because they had a job for him to do. Kinda like a punishment for all eternity.
  36. Thawne did grow as he came to see that history cannot and should not be changed.
  37. “Why so fixed on unfixing this fixed point?” Great tongue twister.
  38. “I just need to stop it long enough to attract the attention of our timeship so we can steal it back from the evil AI that’s controlling it and her army of evil robots.” OK, that makes sense.
  39. “I’m just trying to get everyone home.” “My drive to keep my family safe will break you down.” Sniff, Sara really cares for this dysfunctional family, so sweet. Don’t tell anyone or else I will have to kill ya.
  40. Delay the assassination by 40 minutes to set off a 5-alarm aberration. I wonder if the new time of the assassination is our actual time of the assassination, hmm?
  41. Gideon recreating the famous picture of the returning serviceman kiss upon return from a World War.
  42. “This time there are no do-overs.” Sounds like the tag line of an amazing movie!
    Can’t help but feel like the bartender should be known as Father Time. Anyways, I cannot wait to see next week when the OG’s try to take over the ship from the robot Legends. Until next time, stay Legendary!
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Yes, I can. Why?

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I was shocked with the reveal of the man in the top hat. I love that Legends can do something like this without it being announced. It was a fun surprise that lead to an oddly charming conversation with Sara.

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