Legends of Tomorrow: The Ex-Factor (Spoilers)

Welcome back my Legendary Island of Misfits! Who is ready to become the next Americ…um, King or Queen of Da Throne? I’ll let you know…right after the break! Just kidding…

  1. I got some deep Terminator vibes when the alien first appeared in Palm Springs 2045.
  2. Zari had disappeared from public view, with the rumor she was in rehab like many a celebrity.
  3. Judging a music competition is an odd occupation for a king, I agree.
  4. I just realized what was said in the start of the episode was the song Zari sang in the finale: Ever fall in love with someone you shouldn’t have
  5. Business phone, personal phone, phone for all the Persian guys Zari’s mom sets her up with
  6. Must be some great reception on the Waverider if Zari can receive calls on her phone from 24 years in the future.
  7. When DJ S’more Money originally died, Zari was suggested to wear a statement dress as it may be his funeral but her red carpet. Um, cheery?
  8. Nate wonders what he is more surprised by: an alien attacks Zari’s ex or that network TV is still around in 2045
  9. Anyone else worried something is wrong with Gideon? The other week she seemed to be gleeful when she thought they were going to cut into Spooner’s head and now she seemed perky when an evisceration was mentioned.
  10. Another Marvelous reference: Maybe Sara is pulling a “Thor:Ragnarok” and kicking some alien @$$
  11. “I don’t care if you have to eat across the galaxy, we are getting home!” - Sara, putting all her hope on Gary
  12. “Ava is my other side.” -awwww
  13. Um, golden buzzer and wild card? Weren’t they on those other reality shows…shhh, maybe they won’t notice.
  14. Can you smell what the President is cooking?
  15. How about a chief of staff that you can’t see?
  16. Just a side note: the audience was all virtual on mini television screens. Were they actual Legends fans that won some sort of lottery to appear on the show? Just curious, as seemed like a lot of regular people.
  17. “This place is like a revolving door, so don’t unpack.” - Mick with Original Legend wisdom.
  18. What?!? You mean Mick was picked last for the team? Man, this is just like middle school all over again.
  19. Love me the Iron Giant reference. That was a great movie (and no, I just had something in my eye is all.)
  20. Who you calling immature species as I love to sing and dance (not well, but I do).
  21. “The public doesn’t want to be someone who isn’t there.” - good reason why Zari’s company is tanking.
  22. The edible cups reminded me of when Willy Wonka took a tea cup and took a bite out of it in the original (and best) version of the movie.
  23. “Dating some vegas act so you can abra cadabra your career.” - now I cannot stop picturing Johnny C on Vegas accidentally bringing demons forth five nights a week.
  24. LOL The S’more was on fire!!!
  25. “Friends, foes and neithers” - I am stealing this as my greeting from now on.
  26. Best explanation for the Legends: “We are a Swiss Army knife operation. Each Legend has an utility.”
  27. The Planet of the Ape…er, Avas! Why did they have to taste so good, Gary?
  28. Anyone else notice there was an Attack of the Clones?
  29. I don’t know about you, but the on-air interviews don’t sway me on reality shows. I either like the artist or I don’t. All the rest seems emotional filler.
  30. “It’ll take a lot of time and cooperation but I can work with this.”
    “Your sex appeal is going to waste. We have to do something with the hair.” All I could think of was either Miss Congeniality or when the guy in Princess Bride turns Anne Hathaway into something the other mooses go HAW for.
  31. Did you see John’s heart break when Zari told her mom it was just a fling?
  32. I laughed when John said he looked like that “t@sser Cris Angel”. Because it was so true.
  33. Zari basically explained truthfully where she had been without saying where she had been: “Focusing on self care, traveling the world with close friends, visiting historical sites to die for, it has all been super low key.”
  34. Can you picture John doing a scorpion pose at a snowga retreat?
  35. “You’re using this mission to get back on top. You care more about being fake for the cameras than real.” - John being real
  36. “I was ambushed by a gangster feared across the galaxy.” - sure it is not Jabba?
  37. Mick drew a sketch of the alien Kayla based on the description given where there were chicken wings on her face.
  38. “Uncloak. Initiate Matador’s Last Strike.” - Mick trying to take charge by bringing a nuke to a water balloon fight. Though it has been good seeing him take more charge of things than usual.
  39. “The earth was screwed anyways” - Mick’s answer for everything.
  40. Did Mick admit that Sara is a great captain by saying if Ava was captured by aliens they would have found her by now? Original Legend respect.
  41. Mick’s worried about his daughter on her own away at college. He’s so cute. But don’t tell him I said that.
  42. Almost drove John to smoke but gets interrupted again.
  43. What exactly is Les-Lay? She seems to sneak up on people a lot without them knowing. A new meta? A meta who thinks it is better for Zari’s image if she is unhappy.
  44. Lord Knoxacrillion will wail as in battle.
  45. The planet Arkana is pretty advanced as they are not defined by gender constructs and everyone can carry and bear children.
  46. OK, I paused a few times to gather some of the 500,000 vocalists that Lord Knox was trying to synthesize, please feel free to add to the list I did notice it repeat again at the end:
    Stevie Wonder
    Luther Vandross
    Lauryn Hill
    Luciano Pavarotti
    Jasmine Sullivan
    Freddie Mercury
    Nina Simone
    Calle Day
    Nat King Cole
    Amy Winehouse
    David Bowie (hey the Legends know him personally!)
    Otis Redding
    Stevie Nicks
    Joe Crocker
    Dolly Parton
    James Taylor
    Bonnie Raitt
    Curtis Mayfield
    Bruce Springsteeen
    Ellie Fitzgerald (was this supposed to be Ella Fitzgerald?)
    Etta James
    Bob Marley
    Johnny Cash
    Mick Jagger
    Ray Charles
    Frank Sinatra
    Andrea Bocelli
    Josh Groban
    Ben Platt
    Idina Menzel (just let it go, John Travolta)
    Aretha Franklin
    Patsy Cline
    Barbara Streisand
    whew…whatta playlist.
  47. “What are you up to sneaky git?
    Or ill rip that stupid donut off your head and feed you your tender bits” - John politely asking DJ S’more a question.
  48. OK, Lord Knox has a beautiful voice but what is up with those lyrics…“they can’t behead me”? What the what? I had flashbacks to the Marie Antoinette episode.
  49. “This thing we have was bound to end, it always does.” “Hey, that’s my line.” Zari and John get each other.
  50. “I know I don’t deserve to be happy and we will probably both muck this up. I want to throw the dice I want this to be real.” - John sounding the most romantic I have ever heard him. Having your soul back brings out the best.
  51. Just out of curiosity, DJ Marshmallow Man gave them both the same song, but she sings a completely different song, on the spot, with guitar by Johnny C, using words from the earlier conversation and music in the episode. UM, that’s real talent there.
  52. “Fashion guru Behrad. Nate on hair” I give you Mr Congeniality.
  53. “Now there a word to make lesser men wilt – boyfriend” - awwwww, Johnny you softie.
  54. Hey the alien is like that one from Men in Black that used huge human robots to disguise their appearance.
  55. SO much for his survival, Mick squashes him like a bug.
  56. Mick using his criminal knowledge to help again (after the police calls in the fast food episode) by saying we have been searching for the wrong cargo, we need the driver.
  57. David Bowie and “Space Girl” floating through my head again…
  58. The infamous Sara Lance and the actual big bad of the season finally meet.
  59. Gotta love the robotic theme music during the end credits!
    Well, that’s all we have time for this week. Until next time stay Legendary!
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hey just want to say I always enjoy reading these that you do



This may have been my favorite quote of the episode!

I didn’t notice this! I’ll start paying attention now.

Mick droppin truth!

I love Mick and Sara’s sibling-like relationship


He could’ve won with this voice alone. He had such an amazing voice.

Seeing Constantine in love is just weird. I mean, I just… Maybe I’m biased and want to see him with Zatanna, but even then, I just don’t see him as the lovey-dovey type. Zara 2.0 has grown on me, but I miss Zari 1.0 a lot.

I’m looking forward seeing what’s up with Sara next week, that ending was a cliffhanger.

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Thanks, @Izzy11 that means a lot! I just hope I bring some enjoyment out of one of my favorite shows.

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Yeah, John in love does seem a little weird, as well as seeing him happy. However the pairing with Zari is kinda working for me. I seem to remember an earlier season where they had a pairing that seemed kinda forced (maybe Nate and Zari 1.0?) and then grew on me, like this one seems to. Two people who used to only care about themselves now care for each other is how I see it.
I am glad to see Mick in a much more commanding role. It is good to use someone with experience on the ship who can take charge. I think it will help so I will be glad they used him more before the actor leaves on a semiregular basis.

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Friends, Foes, Neither!

That might have been on purpose. Just to manipulate you.

There was something similar on Doctor Who with a tiny crew piloting a human sized robot. But really, you would think they would instinctively avoid getting squished.

Isn’t Sara an OG? and maybe Nate…

Zari giving props to everyone to conclude with “her boyfriend.”

Mick’s idea is only supported by the fact that Ava can see the chicken wings on Kayla’s face.

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Sara is an OG but Nate came later. They needed help with something historical and he came in around seasonthey had justice society on

That’s right. he’s a season 2 add.

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