Legends of Tomorrow: The Eggplant, The Witch and the Wardrobe

Welcome back my Legendary Island of Misfits!
A lot happened in the latest episode that while weird in parts seemed more cohesive than the last episode. Let’s get to it:

  1. I liked how Ray stood up for Nora. Their relationship felt more organic than Natari which makes the end more heartbreaking
  2. John why are you trying to kill hope? “Doesn’t mean she’s alive.”
  3. I’m glad they didn’t dwell on mistaking Nora as Hank’s killer.
  4. Nate hoping the phone call wasn’t Hank’s mistress
  5. I’m Steel you’re the Atom we got this. Best bromance ever
  6. I liked Sara’s summary: she died lost her soul and escaped a demon dimension
  7. Megastores are purgatory. I knew it it’s why you cannot escape the Ikea
  8. If you check out you for. Seems about right for this show
  9. Zari is a magical hair dryer. Never thought of that
  10. Thought Nate sounded just like Biff
  11. Yeah after the unicorn episode probably not good idea for jousting
  12. Not wrong that Mona and Mick dated non-humans such as Kaupe and the fictional princess of his books
  13. If Nora can trust herself why cannot John
  14. No Beebos to hug to death. Best final fight scene ever
  15. Ava and Sara came out of the closet
    16, Anyone else felt like watching police procedural when Nate sees the demon that killed his father on the monitor and runs to confront him?
  16. Now I realize why they have annoying pop goes the weasel whistle so we know who is Neron
  17. Love love that after fight John promises Nora he will not abandon her again. Earned respect
  18. Nora you go girl. “Vessel is another word for victim. I have my own power.”
  19. Mushroom emoji…um I am going to walk away from that one
  20. Sarah and Ava to have kids when the other eight are old enough.
  21. John understood after his own battle with Des why Ray busted in for Nora
  22. Natari is sorta growing on me almost like beginning Ross Rachel thing just don’t drag out
  23. The most innocent of them falls prey to the demon. I shall call him Rayon.
    That’s all for this time as we head into the final four. My how time flies even without a ship. Until next time stay Legendary!

#4&9 though! LOL!

I love my legendary misfits but there are so many people and plots this season that perhaps we need two shows to allow everyone to have screen time to develop their subplots.

I want more of Mick Rory. He may be crude, but he’s usually right about everything.

Ikea as a purgatory was awesome. I always feel trapped in Ikea. The first thing I do is look for exits and shortcuts outta there.

#23 I will need much more exposure to Natari before that starts to feel natural to me. I’m warming up to the idea, but he was JUST dating her best friend. I know the previous relationship can’t work out long term because of time paradoxes and stuff, but still I thought we’d let some time go by before a new relationship started for Nate.

#24 Why Ray!!! I literally yelled “No!” at the demon possession reveal. He is a precious ray of sunshine! But… this does offer an opportunity for us to see what an evil Ray would look like. I am intrigued by the idea. But still - NO - change him back to demon-free Ray!

The next episode will be plenty crazy with evil-Ray out there.


same, I’ve been in the freezer regarding Nate and Zari, unlikely to thaw before the season ends, but I trust her heart and his instincts, so maybe

interesting and fun to see elder Avalance, to go with their young selves from Camp Ogawa awhile ago, love the dynamic


I have noticed they have had to divide the team this season to handle all the subplots, often to the detriment of Mick’s screentime.
I mean, come on, how many times can you have him sit out meetings to pop open a beer. His insightful nature ( I never thought I would say that) has been great to see in his growth.
I am still not sure of the Natari coming out of nowhere, but it started feeling a little cute so I will wait to see where it goes. I mean they spend all their time together as a team something might happen. Look at shows like big brother. However Nate has been away from team for most of season so don’t know.
@Manifest Avalance I love the name! I didn’t even think to contrast old with the young campers but it is nice bookend on their relationship. I did like for them to escape they had to work through their relationship issues and differences

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Ava: Is that what you do when things get saggy? Just “flip 'em over” so you don’t have to look at their saggy faces?
Sara: <cautious, patting>…okay.

Ava: You did it.
Sara: No. We did it.
Gary; WE did it!

And Mona brazenly reading Zari’s phone. I love these idiots.


@biff_pow You gotta love Gary! He is an honorary legend and general loveable goofball