Legends of Tomorrow: The Bullet Blondes (Spoilers)

Welcome back my Legendary Island of Misfits! I will serve as the ringleader of this three ring circus, so grab a bag of popcorn and enjoy the show!

  1. Astra…with an axe. Seems about right.
  2. First, they usually forget to put them on. Now, they forget to charge them. Every time with those darn time couriers.
  3. Strange lizard creatures, orbs dropping out of sky, loud explosions…previously, on Legends of Tomorrow.
  4. “Bunch of weirdos with the most random superpowers.” Yup, that’s our Legends.
  5. It was not a breakup for Z2.0 and John, it was a mutual mucking up of things.
  6. Ava is all about rules and lists, while Sara is making things up on the spot. Opposites definitely attract.
  7. Rule 44: Create a diversion, make a cover story which much be a circus. Oddly specific. And that may work back when circuses travelled from town to town, but you get later in time periods, they draw attention again.
  8. Nate, use your other super power: being a white man in 1925. It does say a lot for the show’s diversity that he is the only one to fit that role.
  9. Nate, why choose to pretend to be J Edgar Hoover? You knew it was going to bring the heat because he is is indefatigable.
  10. Gary’s got hot hands, or maybe he is hot stuff?
  11. Zagurons = Komodo dragons. Yeah, sounds reasonable.
  12. “People always get their interwar presidents mixed up.” I know I do.
  13. “Taking time couriers for beer run - Rory” Even when he is not on the show, he has an impact. Miss ya MIck!
  14. Behrad’s emergency gummy bears. We still keep continuity on the show and his stash of special gummies, like he shared with Castro?
  15. “Hair products my foot!” Nate, no matter your mastery of hair styling, you cannot become Hoover.
  16. “Is that my curtains?” All I can think of is the Carol Burnett sketch.
  17. “Every time we try to fix something we dig a bigger hole.” Now, that is a Legends mission statement!
  18. Too bad we really did not get to see their juggling skills get on point.
  19. “It’s too open concept in here to hide.”
  20. This is another reason I love this show: we do not drag out mysteries too long. Mystery key given by John, opens pocket dimension in Hell for Z2.0 to relax.
  21. “Oh, we just hopped over to an alternate dimension where time and space don’t behave normally. No big whoop.”
  22. Time for new cover story where we won’t attract attention: become the Midland Robbery Gang and rob banks. Oh wait we want attention so we get them away from Spooner and her mom.
  23. Ava can keep a list of time travel IOUs. Anyone else get deja vu to Bill and Ted when they kept saying that they will have to remember to put the keys there or a note there in the future like when they were escaping jail?
  24. Committing a crime spree until we can time travel again.
  25. Sara and Ava now talking like the gangsters in an old Bugs Bunny cartoon.
  26. Love that there is a fan of robbers; it is like a true crime fan like Ava.
  27. “You’re handling crowd control.”
  28. “You don’t steal another gang’s name.” “Well, what about the Legends of Tomorrow.” “It’s a little wordy.”
  29. Ava is stealing exactly $93.65 to cover the cost to get to NY.
  30. Hoover is like the evil Terminator in Terminator 2.
  31. Oh my god! They killed Hoover! You @#%#$@%!
  32. “The timeline is ruined. We don’t even have Gideon to tell us how much we screwed up.”
  33. “Did we break Ava?”
  34. Love how Ava then switches to her true crime mode and figures out that Gary can eat the body to get rid of the evidence. Reading true crime stories her whole life now makes it her time to shine. She’s kinda scary.
  35. “Cast off my training, start fresh in a way that reflected who I am, then I truly became a healer myself.” “Your mentor taught you how he did magic, but you are not him.” Can I tell you how much I love Spooner’s mom?
  36. Bury the Waverider like a member of the family.
  37. Astra needs to stop trying to replace John, and just be the master sorceress we know she can be.
  38. OK, question. Legends interactions with Gideon are almost always through voice. The flesh and bone Gideon said nothing to Spooner and Astra. So how did they know it was Gideon?
    We started out as a circus and ended up as Bonnie and Clyde and friends. Just another great Legends mission! Until next time, stay Legendary!

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Hoover’s second shot got me :joy:



Rule 44 is my favorite rule.


I hope there are a few more Mick references this season. I miss him!


Oh, Ava!

Yeah, they did :laughing:

Good question!

Looking forward to another Legendary season!

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