Legends of Tomorrow: Terms of Service

Welcome back to the Legendary Island of Misfits! The action really picked up as we are careening towards the season finale next week so let’s get started!

  1. Interesting to see young Zari in 2019 waiting for her brother to be born. Usually you have to go back in time but forgot Z is from the future.
  2. ARGUS hunting meta humans in future? Did Cicada’s message get through?
  3. Putting power in the Palmer of your hand. Seems like a tech slogan if I ever heard one.
  4. I don’t care if he is wearing my best friend’s face I am gonna punch him
  5. Even fairy godmother is getting annoyed at serving Gary
  6. Gary wished for three nipples to have a spare, classic
  7. I think they should have used my Rayon or Death Ray. Ne-Ray is not the same
  8. Gary wishes to be part of book club with a book whose synopsis sounds exactly like what he is doing as hostage taker
    9, Who knew Neron was the older partner in the Tabitha relationship?
  9. Demon proctologist…too. Many. Bad. Images
  10. I knew Death Ray was stealing souls by the app as no one reads the terms and conditions. Just click accept and there goes your soul
  11. Was there a Marvel DC crossover? I could swear at the Palmer 2019 on the video screen behind Death Ray when Zari was on screen there was Tom Holland standing there
  12. Kid Steel costume, he would pick a sidekick costume
  13. App trending below Kanye and cat getting a bath
  14. I feel bad for Gary because they have treated him like crap so wasn’t too sorry with baby Mick, braces zit covered Nate and the dancing canaries
  15. Mona and Nora: book club forever. So thought Mona was going to die
  16. Gary is loser like the legends were insignificant to history
  17. I like that Death Ray thought it was his breath when a Fairy Charlie wouldn’t kiss him
  18. Tabitha breaks her curse and Nora is now a fairy godmother…wild. Cool seeing the Darhk one in bright cheery colors
  19. Love love love that Charlie wasn’t going to leave those creatures behind at her own personal risk.
  20. It’s a bloody jailbreak!
  21. Not happy she is now going to be used by Death Ray to stoke hatred of monsters
  22. John should have saved his friend as the girl has been warped by hell. I really should watch john’s show
  23. Like a demented Noah’s ark
  24. We should do what we always do…yeah, forming stupid Beebos
  25. Finally love Pee Wee Herman as the voice of the puppet
    I cannot wait for the finale and I worry for Charlie who did the right thing. Let’s hope everyone gets out alive! Also happy the legends will be part of next year’s crisis crossover and not sitting it out like last year, well except for Gary. Until then stay Legendary!

Yay! Your post is up, I’ve been looking forward to it.

  1. I think they should’ve used your “Death Ray” too

  2. Stealing souls through terms and conditions. Sigh, why did they do this?!? I usually can “buy in” to the story no matter how crazy it gets, but this was too much of a stretch for me and that’s sayin a lot on Legends. I just can’t fathom that people could get into hell by clicking an agreement they didn’t read. The concept sounds good on paper, but watching it play out… I just didn’t buy it. It PAINs me to say this because Legends is my favorite show!

  3. I thought Mona was dying too. I felt sad, but not as sad as I feel about losing Ray in hell. Ray is the nicest guy in the Arrowverse which makes it so much worse to see him in hell.

  4. Yes, please watch Constantine!!! It’s amazing. Also, we’re watching the second episode in a Watch-Along on Saturday night.

Gary is just… I liked him at first. But now, I don’t. With one episode left, Mona and Gary are really going to have to do something stellar for me to like them as much as I like the rest of the Legends.

Constantine not being able to save Astra (because hell messed her up and grew her up) was heartbreaking.

Last thoughts: I have a feeling the dragon is going to save the day. I hope Nora saves Ray. I really like Nora and Charlie.

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@JLWWSM I am more worried by the Ray they do find in Hell. Time moves differently there. The fairy godmother said the legends sent her to hell for 327 years before Neron freed her. Astra grows up into a young woman. Will Ray be the same age, will he have spent so much time in hell as to be broken or corrupted. I sure hope he can come out ok and they don’t drag out too long the broken Ray. Of course this season they moved quickly past changes such as no one know Ray was evil or when Nate thought Nora killed his dad.
I actually thought the terms and conditions selling souls was a different concept. Who hasn’t bypassed these to accept an app not knowing what you can do.
Ray of Souls. Mmm not as good as Death Ray.
I do hold out hope for Mona as I actually cared if she lived or died but only because Nora cared. Nora is becoming a great character. Wouldn’t it be great for her to see her dad in hell in the finale? Would he like that she became a heroine or would he despise it now that he has been in hell a while.
Nothing beats the finale of Malus versus Beebo but I want to see how everything comes together. Also how does the dragon change Zari as I am sure if her young self has it now, it will ripple out and change her self in future

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