Legends of Tomorrow: Tender is the Nate

Another fun episode even if the Minotaur looked sooooo cheesy.
Let’s take a look back at my favorite moments

  1. Nate’s relatively quick acceptance of not Amaya
  2. The need to prove worth of the time travelers not unlike another favs show of mine Quantum Leap which kept getting threatened with shutdowns
  3. Mick introducing himself as an author to Hemingway. He finally accepts himself
  4. The change in dynamic where the legends want to be more cautious and come up with a plan while Hank runs headfirst into trouble
  5. “ I will never surrender but I will strategically retreat “
  6. Foreshadowing by Hemingway regarding his talk on bullfights and bull versus man
  7. The scenes with Nora, Mona and Ava where Ava tells Mona to do what her parents say even though hers were actors and Nora saying you should not do what your parents want
  8. John’s comment that in the right hands the lute can be a powerful weapon just look at Sting
  9. Sara sticking up for Nate as legends stick together
  10. “That’s for being on my eighth grade reading list”
  11. Loving the Ray and Nora forbidden romance although if you think about it Ray eavesdropped on them by being stuck in the envelope
  12. Finally, Biff Tannen has a nice singing voice
    What did my fellow Legendaries think of this episode? Let me know
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Nora, Mona, and Ava bonding was my favorite part. And yeah, Ray totally eavesdropped, by accident.

Biff’s voice is beautiful. I only see Biff, not Nate’s dad. And I always laugh because BIFF is Nate’s dad :joy:!

I hope things work out for Ray and Nora.

I want to see more of Mick, Constantine, and Zari. Probably next week.

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was that a BttF reference when Hank says to Sara he’s never been punched by a girl … didn’t Marty’s mom hit Biff in the parking lot, hah

just got Season 3 on disc, I love this show so much


Fantastic episode in a fantastic season.

Best of the CW shows at the moment.

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I just flat-out love this show, and this episode was a great example of why. They cast seem to have a really great chemistry, and the set-up and payout of Nate’s relationship with his dad is brilliant.

Also, someone checked Hank’s pockets for a sports almanac…right?


With Tom Wilson’s involvement I really need to check Legends out more. Sounds like it’s alot of fun.

On a sidenote, George clocked Biff in the parking lot.


Norah Dark is trying to do right despite the way Damien Dahrk raised her. That book she was reading was a Mick creation under a pen name right?

oh that’s right, Marty trying to get his parents together

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@manifest I thought it was George who punched Biff which set the timeline right again.

@QuindariousGooch just don’t let him near the controls of the Waverider. Otherwise we will have a darker alternate timeline than Flashpoint!

Minatour suit was cheap

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This season has been great but they all have been fun. I did enjoy the fairy godmother episode as songs suddenly started like we were in a Disney film.
I am sorry but last season’s finale battle still sticks with me as summing up this show. I think the writers try to think of the most out there ideas that make them laugh and we get to enjoy it.

oh neat, finally … speaking of last season, they included all four episodes of Crisis on Earth-X crossover on disc for Legends S3

which is on sale right now, pretty awesome way to get ready for Elseworlds

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