Legends of Tomorrow: Stressed Western (Spoilers!)

Howdy pardner and welcome to the Legendary Island of Misfits saloon! Remember no fussing, no cussing and no mussing! And away we go…

  1. Double expresso, bacon not too crispy…these are some of Sara’s favorite things. Just does not have that song quality to it.
  2. Behrad gets some Greek finishing salts after grocery shopping at the Agora in ancient Athens. Perks of having a timeship.
  3. Recovery Dragon Ash - Cure for hangovers as well as being Lost…In…Space…
  4. A5 KObe beef dry aged 15 years this morning - Behrad, about to get his time portal usage revoked.
  5. I was wondering why Gary just did not change into an alien to help lift the heavy components instead of just weakly Gary struggling. Oh right, got to save the budget for the other aliens…
  6. There is always Legends gossip to catch up on. It’s like Big Brother but in time and space.
  7. Gary wants to jump Ava’s bones…um, are you sure Spooner?
  8. “Saddle up crew!” - ah I missed the enthusiasm that Sara put forth in announcing each mission.
  9. Connecting soul to soul = Flirting
  10. We want a smooth mission so no getting captured and no drama. Yeah, right…
  11. Once again, using the Legends buddy system. It helps you stay alive.
  12. Astra would know a lot of these poor unfortunate souls from Hell. Sorry, almost started singing as Ursula there…
  13. Root beer, no money in the swear jar, good thing Mick stayed behind.
  14. Fist City, the gladdest place on earth (does a certain mouse know about this?)
  15. “I’ve seen weird before but this is just weird.”
  16. Deadwood to Disneyland (see number 14)
  17. Levi Stapleton is the sheriff and Bass Reeves is the outlaw? Did we also step into the Mirror Universe? Though both have facial hair so not sure.
  18. I immediately thought of wrestling when the Sheriff had his own entrance music.
  19. Tremors! We have a reference to Tremors! I love that cheesy movie!!
  20. Instead of shootouts at high noon, we have square dancing. I am not sure which is worse.
  21. Haverack, the Rage Eater - cool name
  22. I love that Gary missed “this” with John.
  23. Long distance relationships can work, but the 1800s may be quite a stretch.
  24. We start developing more of Spooner’s back story where she was in foster care after losing her mom, but with her alien two-way radio, she did not last long in each home. Hopefully Legends and Waverider can be home.
  25. “You’re not in Hell anymore.” " You are not in Texas either."
  26. “You done playing with your pistol yet?” - gotta love Sara’s wit!
  27. Ouch! That bullet to the head looked a little creepy. Reminded me a little of a certain Marvelous character when she healed back up though.
  28. “I’m not a monster, and I’m definitely not normal.” Sara you embrace what you are!
  29. UM, less said about gold poop the better
  30. Nate welcomes Sara to the bulletproof club (although he does not use it much himself, whereas hers is more automatic).
  31. “Just because she’s evil does not mean she is not into me.” Ah, Behrad poor Behrad, after the unattainable bad girls.
  32. Remember, we are romping! All I think about is the show Romper Room, and the magic mirror waiting to hear my name.
  33. Singalong of “Sweet Baby James” or “Thong Song”, anything else Nate?
  34. Fountain of Imperium: Anyone who pursues it ends up in ruin. The map for it cannot be read by humans who looked skyward as they thought it was map of heavens when it really was map of earth.
  35. Yeah, why were you talking with Gary first?
  36. What’s harder? Finding the alien or keeping the peace between everyone? I can answer that one…
  37. Nice Nate has reached his breaking point!
  38. “I’ve had a lot of big feelings lately and now is the exact right time to share them!”
  39. “When Mick left the ship, it wasn’t easy being the O-est G” I love that phrase!
  40. “Six roommates and I am the only one replacing cartridges on the fabricator. Also, I know one of you keeps changing the thermostat so do not go blaming Gideon.” Yup, Big Brother all right.
  41. “I asked for a chair at the Hall of Justice, and big surprise, no response.” Yeah! Where are the Legends seats at the table? Are they at the kiddie table?
  42. “Dig?” “Yes, ma’am I definitely dig.” Got the Diggle reference out of the way
  43. Spooner finally uses her power to control instead of being controlled by it.
  44. I love the less than enthusiastic cheers from the town when they win.
  45. Bass was angry but decided if they wanted to underestimate him, he will just use it against them. He made it his power. He sees Spooner gets what he is feeling.
  46. Love love love the exit song for the show. They need a soundtrack for this show. Where is my Space Girl?
  47. “The only fights are the ones between them…”
  48. Of course Alistair would be the one who would know where the map is. I am surprised John did not think of this as he said he was an alien magic expert.
  49. “We were never normal to begin with so why start now.” Yup pretty much sums up the Legends too.
  50. John is leaving to search for the fountain. OK, he does not have magic so right now he cannot save the day so we can focus on the others.
  51. Nate may want to wipe the totems down after Nate’s reunion with Zari 1.0. Now he needs to use both totems?
  52. Nate, Guy of Steel…other nickname was already taken.
  53. “That there might not be a normal but that might be ok…”
  54. “I told you guys we can’t keep the cowboy narrator.” Awwww why not? John is leaving so there is room.
  55. Happy trails, Legends.
    It was great having the band back together again for another time traveling romp and even better to be back in the old west. Well, until we meet again, stay Legendary!
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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Ambush Bug’s a good fit for LOT.


I agree! I was also thinking Zatanna might be a good fit as well, to give Astra a magical mentor now that John is leaving to find the fountain.
Course then, I jumped to the idea that the fountain could be located in a swamp where John could meet Swamp Thing. But that’s a stretch…

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Ha! I sing it too whenever I hear those words.

I love when they remind us of the perks!

They need to have a talk with the Doom Patrol to see how weird, “weird” can get! I love LoT, they are the “light” version of weird compared to Doom Patrol’s adventures :laughing: I love Doom Patrol too!

This is one of my favorite lines in the episode! Go Nate!



I can’t wait to see her power grow to its full potential!

I thought the same thing.

Indeed! :heart:

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