Legends of Tomorrow: Speakeasy Does It (Spoilers)

Welcome back to the roaring twenties and our favorite time-displaced dysfunctional family! Say the secret password, have a drink, and take it easy for a while on my Legendary Island of Misfits!

  1. Hoover really needs to get his car serviced.
  2. “Portable phantom house”
  3. Who knew that Gary was a large tipper?
  4. This season in one time period really gives the team the time to show how bad racism is, especially as their crew is one of the most diverse out there.
  5. “Triple.” “That’s robbery.” “You should know.” Desperation and all.
  6. “Sapphire String”? They have found the Spear of Destiny, and Totems, but no Sapphire String.
  7. The password is “password”. Doesn’t that break all of today’s cyber security rules?
  8. Eddie reminds me of all the bartenders that seem to know more than they let on, almost like Al in the final episode of Quantum Leap in that bar where Same was himself.
  9. “I noodle.” “Come make us some pasta.” Love the twenties speak!
  10. “OK, Captain Sharpe.” Funny how she sounded like her with trying to maintain the timeline.
  11. Good thing they did not have to prove they could play the piano, bass or clarinet.
  12. Maude and the Masqueradies. The name just rolls off the tongue doesn’t it?
  13. “The worst thing is, they say we’re sisters.” So glad they got to prove them wrong at the end of the episode.
  14. Bootlegging with magical never empty bottles: why didn’t I learn about this in history class?
  15. Hoover-bot apparently has the the Legends fingerprints in its records, so we know from the future…maybe?
  16. “Gals help pals and make new pals.”
  17. Gideon, time to play the quiet game. “The game invented by parents to quell their irritating children.” Is Gideon their child then?
  18. Gideon is the Lark of London. She gets another chance to showcase her amazing voice like she did in episode 100!
  19. “Salamati.” “It helps to know cheers in other languages.” I really like Eddie and hope this is not the last we see of him.
  20. “Let it roll over you like a wave.” So calming, deep breaths now.
  21. “I learned from Phil Spector himself.” Guess we know where he went when he died.
  22. “We can’t keep leaving the timeline worse than we left it.” Without all their gadgets, the Legends will need to grow and be more aware of helping put right what went wrong due to their own messups.
  23. “What is with you guys and storage rooms?” I want to know what is with Eddie and not having too many questions about the magical mansion he just walked into.
  24. I call it: Spooner Sense (trademark pending)
  25. “If you have a secret, make sure Ricky’s the last to know.” Or, if you need a party started right, tell him first.
  26. The password is…Rutabega. Sorry I picture it in the whispering voice of the old Password game show.
  27. Astra tortured Ross Bottoni in Hell. He liked “getaway sticks” so much, she covered him in spiders. Good to know.
  28. So, Gary is attracted to people in power who boss him around, like Kayla, Ava, John, and Nate finds himself in relationships that can’t go anywhere because of obstacles such as alternate timelines, or totems. This show needs a relationship expert, stat!
  29. “One-time special. Be in the moment here. Now.”
  30. “Let’s dance before some blondes steal the show.” Can we have Eddie come back please!
  31. “Facing danger. Solving mysteries. In the future, present and past.” This should be the lyrics to the Legends theme song if they ever get one.
  32. I like that the inclusive party was supportive of Sara and Ava’s relationship once they found out they were not sisters. IT might not happen too much in the twenties, sad to say.
  33. Gideon’s voice was well rested (man, she can sing!)
  34. “Where I grew up, we had this knack for finding out what people are most afraid of in the entire world.” Ah, sweet Hell, be it ever so humble, no place like home.
  35. “Spiders everywhere forever.” Spooner seems to be developing more powers such as projecting thoughts into people’s heads. She may become the most powerful of all!
  36. Gare-bear. The next hot toy for the holiday season.
  37. “Keep your door open for all of Chicago’s misfits.” Maybe it should become an honorary Legend?
  38. Just a question, should they trust Gary with the Key that holds all the Legends as they travel? I like Gary and all, but aren’t they worried he is alone?
  39. Like most Legends missions, they stumbled into something good by capturing Hoover-bot.
  40. If you want to talk to robots, you are talking to the wrong Zari.
  41. Nate, get ready to have that awkward conversation!
    I was not sure initially of the concept to have the Legends stuck in one time period for a prolonged time, but it really gives them more time to develop the characters. Separating the team into halves allows each to get the spotlight and not seem crowded. It also allows them to tackle the issue of racism and sexism in that time period, especially with the diversity of the team. Great tuff, and until next time, stay Legendary!

I miss this. With all our technology, society is constantly distracted. We miss out on the “now”.

This was my favorite interaction of the episode (and that’s saying a lot because this was one of my favorite episodes of all the seasons of LOT). Gary is completely self aware and called Nate out on his issues. Nate thought he was verbally slapping Gary, and Gary threw it back at him. Loved every part of that!

Loved this transition! And welcome back Zari 1.0

100% agree!

I keep wondering when we’re gonna see Matt Ryan again. I know it’s gonna be, well, Legendary!

I love this show!

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Always happy to see original Zari!