Legends of Tomorrow: Slay Anything (spoilers)

Welcome back my Legendary Island of Misfits! It’s time to rent your tux, put on your best dress and don’t forget your dancing shoes as we go to prom!

  1. Freddy Meyers? As in Freddy Krueger and Michael Myers?
  2. Constantine has no time for your world saving musicals. But really all the world needs now is love.
  3. I loved watching all the jump scares during the episode
  4. Behrad is now being haunted by a forlorn mariner. Don’t touch Constantine’s stuff!
  5. “You get a pony you get a pony”. Nora is Oprah!
  6. Prom night slasher! Number five on rankings on stab cast, which is informative and educational. I thought they had referenced her fascination with serial killers in an earlier episode if so nice touch
  7. “Order a mattress with promo code laceration”
  8. Mick :” why are we at my old school?” See this is why you need to come to team meetings.
  9. Just all the horror tropes of lights going off the reveal of Tiffany stabbed by the trophy. The music
  10. Only Gary would turn a teleportation spell into walking backwards
  11. Mick and Allie. Cutest couple. I liked when he said we have to go save Allie er class of 1989
  12. Anyone else get deja vu of Brandon Routh looking a little Clark Kent in glasses. Crisis redeemed his Superman
  13. How 80s was it to see Ray, his best friend Nate and his girl Nora arm in arm to the prom.
  14. Speaking of trends, seeing the popular girl fall for the nerdy boy when it started as a prank and for her prank to be revealed.
  15. Awwww they killed Allie, love of Mick’s life!
  16. “We just went from John Hughes to John Carpenter”
  17. Mick and Allie went out but he blew her off at prom after writing to each other from juvie
  18. Nora was on point tonight “Being yourself is magic stronger than any wish”
  19. Nora again “Its how the right people found me”. Awww
  20. Zari still had flashes of hacking memory…hope fingers crossed
  21. I called it! I called it! They pulled a Friday the 13th by having his overprotective mom be the killer!
  22. Nooooo Mick!!! I knew he was going to be back but no kill!
  23. Nora again “ Dysfunction does not get to choose who you are.”
  24. Ava to Sara: “ Technically you died three times so give me this one.”
  25. Best reunion ever! Loved how much fun they had with photo booth.
  26. Wow Mick! Oh that’s my gun.
  27. Reference to Newcastle crew and Astra’s dead mum. Wonder how much more of Constantine we will see? Maybe some other actors from show would be good ( just not Jim Corrigan as he seems to have changed…)
    Well that’s all for now! Until next time stay Legendary!

Thought it was a really fun episode.

This season so far has been a major improvement over last season with a better mix of comedy and serious stuff. I still wish they got to use their powers more but I guess it’s a budget thing.

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One of the writers of Legends shared the whiteboards of ideas for this episode and some of them would have been amazing to see. I would have loved a Constantine & Charlie party with Bowie!


@serenap95 how did you get access to these whiteboards? This is cool to see the thought process and behind the scenes at one of my favorite shows!

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Bowie they’d have to get permission of his estate. They are being very tight about him and his image at the moment, and I’m not sure if they would consider LoT avant-garde enough to let them use him.

The episode was fun. Certainly the “house of mystery” vibe going on. Ands they are integrating Ava in as a comic foil so far, which is working.

So far, so awesome for LoT.

But I really want Zari back soon, taking over for her brother.

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User @tyronsaidso on twitter is a writer for the show and shared them here.

This episode was fun from start to finish. Loved the twist at the end that the mom was the killer. I look forward to this show every week. Loved the used of the wind totem at the end. And finally Mick got some action! Good for you, Mick!

Loved everything about Nora and Ray. They were fantastic!

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Yeah I liked that Mick finally got the love! And I think Ray is rubbing off on Nora as she had quite a few good speeches in this episode.
If they didn’t make the point of his mom seeming to be upset he was going to prom instead of spending time with her, I would not have guessed. Then again it was Jason’s mom as the killer in the original Friday the 13th not Jason.

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Another great Legend romp. they did the sleepaway camp killer, now prom night.

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One of my favorite episodes as well.

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