Legends of Tomorrow: Silence of the Sonograms (Spoilers)

Let’s throw a baby shower for Mick and welcome his 48 squidren to the world! Welcome back my Legendary Island of MIsfits. The storm clouds are brewing towards the season finale so let’s go!

  1. Bishop was downloaded from the cloud and sent to their printer. Technology again works against us in the future!
  2. Speaking of printers why couldn’t it jam like the one from Office Space?
  3. “Is there room for one more mixed up outcast on this zany ship?” Um, maybe but not you.
  4. “For a psychotic supervillain he’s got a great look.” “Yeah, they always do.” Yes, the great villains always have that special flair.
  5. So, does this make Bishop Ava’s and Sara’s father in a way?
  6. “I really made a dog’s dinner out of that ole again.” John, always quotable.
  7. Truth serum = scotch
  8. Ava’s model is Bossy Ava, marketing went that way while Bishop would have gone just with Boss Ava.
  9. Love impacts productivity, but Ava trust me it is worth it!
  10. “I spent eons trying to meld aliens and humans and never thought to do it the old-fashioned way.” That’s Mick, ahead of his time.
  11. “I spent a week in Ibiza.” Now I have that song stuck in my head and can picture Bishop singing it.
  12. “Is that his real name?” “It is too on the nose, isn’t it?”
  13. Party pooper at the Time Bureau? Say it wasn’t so, Ava.
  14. Favorite flower: cactus, favorite color: gray
  15. Appetizers: why do people need to eat before they eat?
  16. Bishop’s weakness is vegan cakes
  17. John: A juiced up warlock who likes to kill people
  18. “I’m going to break up with my dumpster fire of a boyfriend.”
  19. Lou Reed 1972? Why not Bowie’s “Space Girl”?
  20. Anyone else creeped out by father-daughter dance with Bishop and Ava?
  21. John is tormented by demons of his own making.
  22. Perfect Day: Is it encoded as a command into Ava’s mind?
  23. Mick, your head’s not going to explode as long as Uncle Gar is there to help you.
  24. I noticed Gary said that the real pain hits the second week of labor. SECOND WEEK?!? Ouch.
  25. “Eating a handful of hot peppers then passing several pointy rocks through Necrian head hole.” Double ouch!
  26. Scarlet Lady, so John’s drug has a name that is known in Hell.
  27. Ava never saw her parents kiss or laugh, so she does not know how she should feel. This is so sad…
  28. No mom to hug after heartbreak or dad to tell her he was proud. Sniff…sniff…poor Ava
  29. “You made yourself into who you are.” That’s right, Sara is Ava’s lobster.
  30. Bishop supplemented his 94 percent with 6 percent Sara? RUh-roh
  31. Spaniel, Broad Tricycle. In case you need to override the Waverider.
  32. Mick having contractions and water breaking? It’s almost time!
  33. Of course, Bishop would need Gideon to set the mood for fighting with music, though I would have liked Kung Fu fighting.
  34. “When you fight yourself, you are destined to lose.” “Destiny is so last season.” Love the meta messages especially since last season they fought the Fates!
  35. The babies were breach so they needed to lubricate the sinus cavity and deliver nasally. Ewwwww
  36. OK, now they are coming out like buggers…um, I feel sick.
  37. OK, just one more thing…THAT EYE! shudders
  38. Meet the newest Legends! What are you going to name them all?
  39. When they needed to get into the room, why didn’t Nate just Steel up? Have we already used budget on the eye thing for Mick?
  40. Lita’s going to be so happy to have 48 half-siblings!
  41. It took me a bit to realize that Bishop was not after the babies, but rather the communicator in Mick’s ear. SO then he could be a bug in John’s ear…
  42. “When I’m with you, I can be myself and that is the greatest gift.” They are destined for tragedy aren’t they?
  43. Gidget will make the tea and Zari 2.0 will walk it from the ship, so it’s almost the same thing.
  44. Who knew that ginger induces labor for Necrians?
  45. We know John is evil now because he is back to smoking. They always interrupted him before, but now we know it was to keep him from turning bad.
    Side note, I realized that the earlier episode in the season Bishop’s Gambit was also the name of the ship Oliver and Sara were on when it went down. He became Arrow and she became the Canary. OK, I can be a little slow sometimes.
    Also, where did Kayla go? She left Mick, but the ship is not that big.
    We are building to an epic battle with Evil John and Bishop, and the final episodes with Constantine (but luckily not Matt Ryan). Until next week, stay Legendary!

Legends was great.

Bishop plotting as always. Cool stuf with him and Ava. Just a great mind bender episode. Very cool.

Nice gave birth. I don’t know why but when they were popping out his stretching face made me oddly think about Roger Rabbit :sweat_smile:.

Sara and Ava continue to be awesome™:+1:. Nice moments between them two.

Astra Spoons and Z2 out for John. The truth is revealed and great scenes with him and Z2. The darkness take over and it’s awesome™:+1:. Really enjoying the magic stuff.

Can John be Saved? What Bishop’s endgame? What will Mic name his kids? All this and more Same Legendary Time Same Legendary Channel


Anyone getting NBC Constantine with John’s storyline? I mean, this got super dark, all that blood over John?! Geez!

Ava’s scenes with Bishop were powerful, he’s basically her father and Jes said Ava being a clone is a wound that hasn’t fully healed.


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I’m pretty sure that the name of the ship Oliver and Sara were on was the Queen’s Gambit. I always thought it was supposed to be a sign of Robert Queen’s hubris that he named the ship after himself


I think you’re right! It’s been a while but maybe it is still a play on the name of the ship



The nasal delivery was truly gross. I couldn’t watch it!

:hushed: I never would’ve connected this. I’m glad you figured it out and shared it cause yeah, I totally missed it.

And she didn’t kill Mick, so I guess she likes him :woman_shrugging:

Yep. He is destined to be tormented by the consequences of his own actions - good and bad. I think they did a good job of showing him as a magic addict.

As always, I look forward to the next episode. Thank you for your posts! @ImpulseMaxMercury I really enjoy them.


I hate that this John is something comic fans are used to, while those that aren’t that familiar it’s heartbreaking to watch him do this.


I still want him to have his own show again.


If only.


Just watched this episode (still getting caught up). I feel sorry to those viewers unfamiliar with Hellblazer or the NBC television show Constantine, as they must hate seeing John go through this. For those of us who have been Constantine fans from his first appearances in Swamp Thing, though, this is par for the course. I hope he does overcome his demons soon, if only for a time!

Love Rory’s babies being delivered!