Legends of Tomorrow: Ship Broken (spoilers)

Welcome back my Legendary Island of Misfits! I apologize for my lateness this week as I had a family emergency that prevented me from logging this last night but I’m back on track now. Without further ado, here we go!

  1. Mick is trying so hard but roller derby? Mall? Really?
  2. I actually saw him smile and not in a maniacal I’m gonna kill you way. Good for Mick!
  3. Anyone else got Bill and Ted vibes when Lita said a time traveling ship could be useful for her history test?
  4. John to Astra: “ As long as ya stop trying to kill them on a weekly basis, you become best friends.” They do forgive a lot on this show.
  5. Zari agrees with Charlie’s method: “A 20 second mini sesh mediation always clears my head.”
  6. Gary needed therapy because going to Hell causes anxiety.
  7. Gary is chasing tail for once
  8. Aw the cheapness of the shows because those protective goggles look like sunglasses to me.
  9. Astra: “I left a seat in Hell for ‘sit tight’?”
  10. When Sara has visions with her blindness I thought of the cunning from Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and Roz.
  11. Or maybe Daredevil when she covers her eyes with the blindfold.
  12. I like they mention all the engineers on the ship that are no longer around like Jax, Stein, Rip.
  13. Mick as he is looking through a history book: “Elbowed him. Punched him. Made out with her.” How is the timeline not more messed up?
  14. I love that Mick calls in Nate for help with history since that was how he started on the show. A professor who can turn to steel and wants snacks during studying. Coolest Professor Ever
  15. I like that Zari did not fall for Astra trying to convince her to bring her mom back first. She is quite smart.
  16. Mick, culinary genius, ants in a log.
  17. From now on Gary will be known as Papa Gare.
  18. As a parent myself I agree with what he says about doing crap work without gratitude but knowing they are thankful even if they won’t ever say it.
  19. Astra was shown more hospitality in Hell than this ship of fools. Ship of fools… now I have Chain of Fools playing in my head.
  20. Of course Mick would keep all his treasure on the ship as banks are too easy to rob.
  21. I like that his daughter is thinking how they could manipulate history to be rich, but Mick actually turns it down as cannot change it that much and does not want his daughter doing that.
  22. “Gain trust the normal way by being trustworthy.”
  23. Gideon invades privacy by recording the bathroom. The sole bathroom on the ship.
  24. Gary and Ava: teaming up like old times.
  25. Gary just happens to not only adopt a hell hound, but Son of Sam’s dog who he claimed told him to kill just like he is now.
  26. Gary watch your hands!
  27. Lita: “Go away Becky!”
  28. Gary having to get the rings from the toilet was fair punishment.
  29. Um, Gary also do not get your “bunny” wet or expose to bright lights. Needs to stop adopting pets.
  30. Mick wrote down his thoughts. I loved how Mick centric this episode was and showed he had grown.
  31. “Life as a criminal is a life of misery.”
  32. Red leathered freak who runs fast… seems ages ago since he was on the Flash!
  33. I like that she wants to stay to spend time with her dad, even if he has no superpowers but only gas a gun which she is opposed to.
    I heard the season finale is June 2nd! By my calculations if they have a new episode each week, they will have completed a full season of 16 episodes! The only Arrowverse show to not cut short which is cool! Until next time, stay Legendary!
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His facial expressions sometimes make me laugh so hard I have to rewind to watch again.

Major daredevil vibes. She seemed completely fine with the blindfold when she was fighting.

I was actually a little surprised he just up and showed her his superpower. No secret identities here!

This just made me think of when they called Barry’s suit a onesie. :joy::joy:

The facial expression he gave while holding up the bunny, was literally insane. Sometimes Gary scares me.

For what was essentially a bottle episode, this was a lot of fun. I love that they’re doing something with Astra. I was afraid once they introduced the fates that Astra’s story had been dropped. Also, Mick showing his daughter around was funny. That’s Penny from Lost in Space. Once they said it was the dog I thought “Oh no…they’re not going Son of Sam, are they??” They are and they did.

Legends is the most consistent show for me and while we’ve had changes this season, it’s still kept that fun spirit

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I thought this was one of the better bottle episodes I have seen in a long time. Although the one they did where Zari relived the same day over and over a couple seasons ago also may have topped it. This show does good bottle episodes.

But I enjoyed this show a lot. The stuff with Mick and his daughter was great (although honestly, given what we have seen of his daughter I could have seen her liking roller derby). And Gary was hilarious as always. Will be interested in seeing where they go with Sarah’s powers and Ava also shined. One thing I like about Ava is she could have easily fell into being just “Sarah’s girlfriend” but they have given her plenty more to do, ample time to build relationships with the other characters and her own development making her a character that is far more then just a love interest.

All in all a good episode. Although Constantine is getting tiresome. I am just over two years of him working with them while saying he hates working with them. I get that is his character but if they are not going to give him character development where it changes I think he has run his course. Also don’t know how they can keep shoe honing mystical elements into the series just to justify him being there even though he doesn’t want to be there.

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A mysterious carny indeed… it was sunlight I also liked how the dog hated Gary. Also with Gary from last episode: “who’s Vandal Savage?” Gary, “Actually, I know that one.”

I liked how Zari referred to 1.0 when accessing the backup monitors/feeds.

There is roller derby where i live. I know i wouldn’t mind checking it out (asssuming it resumes post “the corona”). But i get why Lita would not be into it. It will be interesting to see what they both like to do together.

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he’s trying! :laughing:

It was so pure! In all five seasons I don’t think I’ve ever seen him smile from pure joy. It was a beautiful sight.

Yeah, it made me sad for a moment, but I was happy that they didn’t just forget all of them. They’re still in Sara’s heart!

The only thing is, he made them while wearing his gloves, and I’m pretty sure he didn’t wash his gloves before cooking. That’s all I could think about while watching him cook :laughing:

Truth! I can’t believe those words of wisdom came from Gary.

Haha! Makes sense!

Gary is just :expressionless:. He causes more problems than he actually helps. I’m not sure why Ava and Constantine keep him around. All of the problems came from him adopting a demon dog. I mean… if “All dogs go to heaven” and you find one in hell, maybe he’s there for a reason, Gary! facepalm

Dad-Mick is fantastic and the actress who plays his daughter is doing an excellent job!

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I thought the same. I was like now there’s peanut butter on his gloves! And that can’t be very hygienic! I’m still waiting for a moment when he takes the gloves off. He probably sleeps with them on. :joy:

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Of course Gary adopts a Dog from hell. lol. Need to see more stuff between Mick and his daughter. Maybe the new captain cold?

To be honest, the sideplots in this show are always the best ones. Totally agree that there should me more scenes with Mick and his daughter. I like your idea

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